Dating Conversation Examples for First Dates

You have a first date planned, but you have no clue what to talk about. The nerves are sinking in, and you want to make sure you make a great first impression. Research shows that 89% of singles will followup after a first date if the date went well. All you need are some dating conversation examples to carry with you on your journey.

Check out these first-date talking tips from Meet Hong Kong Singles.

Appropriate Conversation Topics for First Dates

Dating conversations shouldn’t feel scripted. However, you may think of some topics ahead of time so that you feel more prepared in the moment. Here are topic ideas you may expand on during your date:

  • Hobbies and special interests, such as music, art, puzzles, or animal rescue
  • Family memories and traditions
  • Most TV shows and books (avoid controversial or potentially offensive topics)
  • Work, career goals, and education
  • Travel plans and past experiences

Check out these Conversation Starters for Online Dating for more tips on how to keep a conversation going.

Topics to Avoid on First Dates

In most cases, it is best to avoid discussing politics or religion on a first date. If you met online, you might have already faced these discussions in your preliminary conversation. That opens the door for a wider spectrum of topics, but you should still avoid anything that may make your date feel uncomfortable from the start.

Try not to talk about your exes or other people you’ve dated unless that naturally fits within the conversation. For example, your date may ask you what your wildest dating experience was in an effort to spark a new topic. You can banter accordingly, but avoid doting on people from your past. Keep the focus on your current experience instead of lingering emotions from the past.

Do not insult the other person during your date. This may seem like obvious advice, but it’s important to note. Let’s say that person uses self-deprecating humor in conversation. You may consider that an opportunity to poke fun at them as well since they started the jokes. That crosses a line that doesn’t need to be crossed on a first date.

Dating Conversation Examples That Encourage Discussion

Want to see some examples of a successful first-date conversation? The mock discussions below highlight some of the key skills you can use during your date.

Conversation Example #1

  • Jack: Hello! This is my first time eating at this restaurant. Have you eaten here before, and is this the type of place you like to eat?
  • Jill: I’ve seen this place on social media a lot and always wanted to try it. Normally I stick to healthy takeout that I can grab on the way home from work, like sushi or a protein bowl.
  • Jack: I definitely understand wanting to grab food on the way home. I’m way too tired after work to cook. I try to meal prep on one of my days off, so I have food available when I get home.
  • Jill: Oh, so you cook? That’s awesome! What kinds of food do you like to make?
  • Jack: I usually make some sort of fish with a green leafy side, like salmon and a spinach salad. I just got an air fryer, and I’m excited to start using that to cook.
  • Jill: I love my air fryer! I’ve had it for a couple of years now, and I use it all the time. I won’t cook chicken thighs any other way now that I’ve had them in the air fryer.

Conversation Example #2

  • Jill: Hey there! It’s so nice to finally meet in person. I love your jacket. My Hero Academia is one of my favorite anime.
  • Jack: You like it too? I’ve only watched the first two seasons, but I love it so far. What other anime do you watch?
  • Jill: My Crunchyroll list looks crazy. My taste is all over the place. Sometimes I’m in the mood for intense action like Demon Slayer, and sometimes I want to watch something calming like Your Lie in April. 
  • Jack: What’s Crunchyroll?
  • Jill: It’s a streaming service mostly dedicated to anime. I used my sister’s account for a while when I first got into anime, but I had to get my own account when I moved out of the country.
  • Jack: Moving away from your family must have been tough. What brought you here? Work, school, travel?

Key Takeaways from These Dating Conversation Examples

As you can see in both examples, the participants intently listened to what the other person had to say. They used that information to add to what the other person said or ask questions relating to the statements.

In the second example, Jill noticed what Jack was wearing. This is a simple way to start a conversation when you aren’t sure what to say. “I love your earrings. Where are they from?” This tells the other person that you’re paying attention, and your mind is completely invested in this date.

Test Your Dating Conversation Skills

Practice some dating conversations with close friends to get a feel for how the conversation might flow. It may feel awkward at first, but that’s a great way to get some of the nerves out of the way. There is no substitute for experience, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. This upcoming first date could be the start of a long-lasting relationship. 

How to Get a Girlfriend in a Foreign Country

Are you interested in dating someone internationally but don’t know where to start? Have you had a hard time in the past forming relationships in other countries? Dating in an unfamiliar place can feel challenging, but there are some skills you can develop to make the process a bit easier. Check out this guide to learn how to get a girlfriend in a foreign country.

Use Online Dating Sites to Meet Singles in Foreign Countries

Perhaps the easiest way to start a relationship in a foreign country is to take advantage of online dating sites. This provides a curated list of singles who are also looking to date. You do not have to worry about meeting a large volume of people who may or may not want to date. You know you’re speaking to someone who has a similar lifetime goal as you.

If you have a specific country that you want to date in, you may search for dating sites for that specific region. As you may guess by the title of our site, Meet Hong Kong Singles was founded as a way to help men and women from Hong Kong connect with singles throughout the world. If you live in the United States and want to date people from Latin America, you may look for sites that target that region.

Meet Hong Kong Singles has a diverse network of single adults from around the world. We have users from Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Australia, multiple European countries, and many regions in Asia. Many of our users start their dating adventure aiming to meet people from a specific country only to discover connections in other parts of the world. You may be surprised by where your journey takes you!

Spend Time Learning about the Country and Culture

It is always a good idea to learn about other cultures if you want to connect with people from there. For example, if you want to date singles from HK, you may familiarize yourself with the Hong Kong Dating Scene. Learn about customs, lifestyles, religion, food, and family life in those areas so you can establish a meaningful connection with the person you’re dating. They will appreciate the effort, and you will have a better chance of maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

Work Your Way from Friendship to Relationship

Dating someone from another country may require a slower pace than in-person dating. You may have language barriers to overcome, or it may take longer to get to know one another. Plan to start out as friends and progress into a relationship. Even if the person on the other side is looking for a long-term commitment, they will likely want to start as friends.

Set up Online Meetings until You Can Meet in Person

It may not be easy for either of you to travel for a first date. Thus, you may have to create online date experiences until you can meet up in person. Set up a video call where you eat a meal together, or plan a movie night where you stream a movie at the same time. Make the most of technology until you can meet each other in person.

Remain Honest and Authentic No Matter What

This tip applies whether you’re trying to get a girlfriend in a foreign country or date someone from down the street. Do not lie to impress people or pretend to be someone you’re not. You want your girlfriend to like you for exactly who you are! Stay true to yourself to maximize your chance of finding love.

Online Dating Profile Setup – How to Use Meet Hong Kong Singles

Whether it’s your first time creating an online dating profile or you’ve used just about every site on the internet, you know how important it is to make a good first impression. This dramatically increases your chances of connecting with people online and building solid relationships. In this guide, we’ll go over how to write an online dating profile and how to set up your profile here on MeetHongKongSingles.

The Most Important Aspects of an Online Dating Profile

Every element of your online dating profile matters, but there are a few elements that carry a little more weight. A study from the Missouri University of Science and Technology showed that it only takes 2.6 seconds for someone to form an opinion about a page online. In the case of online dating, your profile page is your personal “webpage,” and visitors are going to quickly scan it to find what they’re looking for.

These are the features you want to focus most on:

  • Profile Photo – Something that clearly shows your face and smile without a heavy filter.
  • About Me – Short, concise description of your best features and biggest goals. This will likely only be 2-3 sentences, so make it count!
  • Interests – If there is a separate area for Interests, highlight the ones you feel most passionate about. Other users will review this information to see if your hobbies align with theirs.
  • Other Photos – Having additional photos beyond your profile picture is a huge plus. This gives you a chance to show off your hobbies, travels, your passions, and your sense of fashion. Ideally, this should include at least one full-body photo.

Above all else, remember that your content needs to be easy to skim. People may take the time to read every word if they like what they see initially, but you can’t expect them to sift through a giant wall of text. They’ll get bored or disinterested and move on to another profile. You want to grab their attention so they feel compelled to reach out.

How to Create a Dating Profile on Meet Hong Kong Singles

Here at Meet Hong Kong Singles, we make profile setup a breeze. Simply click on the Login/Register button in the upper-righthand corner. Fill in the prompts with your name, email address, birthday, etc., and then check your email account to complete registration.

From there, you can upload a profile picture, cover photo, and other media to your account. Add any information you want to show on your profile, such as your interests, hobbies, what you’re looking for in a partner, etc. Then start exploring the site to connect with other members!

Please…Don’t Make Your Profile Picture Private

Most online dating sites will give you the option to make your profile picture private. You may want to do this because you don’t want people you know to find your account, but we advise against it as much as possible. The vast majority of users will not click on a profile without a picture on it. This is the main component of your first impression. Don’t waste the opportunity by keeping a picture off your account!

Keep in mind that most sites don’t have a public database of users. Thus the only way someone would see your profile is if they also had an account on the site. This isn’t always the case, but it may ease your mind a bit about removing the privacy setting.

Online Dating Profile Setup Tips – Proven Ways to Attract People to Your Profile

Here are some tested and proven ways to make your online dating profile desirable to other people:

  • Use a smiling picture for your main profile photo. Serious and sexy have their moments, but happy-looking photos are most likely to attract other people.
  • Don’t lie on your profile. Show your authentic self so you can make the best possible matches. If you act completely different in conversation than you present yourself on your profile, people will quickly discredit you as a liar.
  • Avoid mentioning politics and divisive topics on your profile. You can choose to discuss those topics in conversation, but doing so right away may limit your pool of interested partners.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a little tasteful humor on your profile. A funny pun or quote could make your profile stand out from others.
  • Avoid group photos of any kind. It’s great that you’re close to your friends and family, but people visiting your profile only care about you.
  • Don’t use self-deprecation in your profile. This may be something you do as a form of humor in real life, but on your profile, you want to be as confident as possible.
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Instead of saying “I don’t want to date someone with XYZ,” say “I’m looking for a person who loves to travel, read, listen to music, etc.”
  • Get feedback from a trusted friend. Have them read over your profile and provide honest feedback on what you’ve presented. They can tell you what looks good and what might turn some people away.

What Should I Write in My Dating Profile?

You can write anything you want on your dating profile, but try to prioritize your biggest interests or goals. If you only want to date someone with your religious beliefs, emphasize those beliefs on your profile. If you have an active lifestyle that you want someone to be a part of, showcase your activities in photos and descriptions.

Everything needs to be easy to read and preferably free of grammar errors. Think about what you look for when you click on other profiles, and then formulate your profile around that. If you only look at photos and the About Me section, chances are someone visiting your page will do the same. Make it count!

What to Do If Your Online Dating Profile Isn’t Getting Views

If your online profile isn’t getting many views, it may be time to tweak it. Rewrite your About Me section to put the most important information in the first sentence. If you have more than 3 or 4 sentences per section, condense and simplify your writing. Change up your profile picture to something that better shows your best features, and try reaching out to other people. Taking that first step may be all you need to create meaningful conversations!

Where to Meet a Hong Kong Girl for Marriage

Want to marry a girl from Hong Kong? There are over 4 million to choose from! Of course, you have to weed out the married ones, the underage ones, the unavailable ones and the uninterested ones. That makes the process a little trickier.

Check out this guide to learn where to meet a Hong Kong girl for marriage.

Do Hong Kong Girls Want to Get Married?

The average first time marriage age for Hong Kong women is 30.4 years old, as of 2020. This highlights how late most women in Hong Kong wait before they start dating. Yes, there are plenty of Hong Kong women who want to get married. Most of them are going to be in their mid- to late-twenties at the youngest though.

Dating is frowned upon in high school, which is why the Hong Kong dating scene is comprised mostly of college graduates and career people. Hong Kong women tend to be focused on their careers, and they want life partners who can align with their goals. You don’t have to be wealthy or fit a certain aesthetic, but you should have goals you’re working toward. Hong Kongers want partners who add value to their already established lives.

Online Dating Is on the Rise in Hong Kong

You’d think an area with such a dense population would make dating a breeze. But it actually makes the process more complicated.

Dating as a whole is like finding a needle in a haystack. Now imagine finding that same needle in an entire field of straw. This is the dilemma that Hong Kongers face when dating, and it’s exactly why online dating has become so popular.

With online dating, you can quickly narrow down your dating selection and interact with the best possible prospects. You can read a brief synopsis of the person before ever sparking a conversation, and you can sort through your options before seeing them in person. This saves time and creates a stream of high-quality candidates for your future.

What Hong Kong Women Want in a Partner

Every Hong Kong woman has her own goals, personality and expectations. When you go into this dating experience, you shouldn’t have a specific expectation in your mind.

With that said, most Hong Kong women like tidy, attentive men with strong goals. They measure success in aspirations and accomplishments, not necessarily money. For example, someone who worked hard to get a college degree and find a job with growth potential may seem more desirable than someone who comes from a wealthy family. Again, this varies from woman to woman, but strong work ethic is highly desirable.

Hong Kong women want partners who listen intently and take interest in their passions. You don’t have to share the exact same interests, but you should value your partner and their likes. This will set a solid foundation for your relationship.

Where to Meet a Hong Kong Girl for Marriage (In-Person)

If you’re not a fan of online dating or new to the Hong Kong dating scene, you can still meet a Hong Kong girl for marriage in person. Most Hong Kongers maintain tight social circles. That’s where they meet new friends and potential partners. Thus in order to date Hong Kong women, you need to develop your own social circle.

Going to bars or clubs isn’t a common way to date in Hong Kong, but it could be an option in the LKF district. Beyond that, you could find singles by pursuing your own interests. Love comic books? Visit local comic book stores! Enjoy reading? Hang out at a library or bookstore. This may put you in the path of your dream woman.

How to Meet Hong Kong Women Online

If you want to embrace online dating, check out We specialize in connecting international daters with singles in Hong Kong. Whether you live in Hong Kong, love Hong Kong culture, or simply want to explore your dating options, we’d love to be a part of your journey. Sign up now to start connecting with Hong Kong singles.

Hong Kong Guys Personality – What to Expect Dating a Man in Hong Kong

What can you expect dating a man from Hong Kong? What is the typical Hong Kong guy’s personality like?

We can’t speak for every man in Hong Kong, but we have interviewed quite a few Hong Kong men and women. We’ll outline what you might expect dating in Hong Kong so you can feel prepared for this experience. 

Many Hong Kong Guys Aren’t from Hong Kong

It’s important to note that many Hong Kong singles aren’t actually from Hong Kong. HK is a business capital, rich in profitable career opportunities. As a result of this, the region attracts men from around the world. You’ll find plenty of Americans, Australians, Brits and other nationalities mixed among native Hong Kongers.

If you plan to date a Hong Kong guy, don’t be surprised if he’s not what you’re expecting!

Traditional Family Values

Hong Kong is generally a conservative area. Many men and women in this region uphold traditional family values. When they decide to date, they date with the intention of finding a life partner. Many desire to have at least one child, though there are many who don’t plan for a large family. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, you can find a partner that matches your goals.

Loyal to the Ones They Love

Most men from Hong Kong maintain a small social circle, but they are loyal to the people they love. They may only have a few friends outside of their family, but they will do anything those people ask of them. This sense of loyalty is incredibly valuable in a relationship if you can make it past the initial threshold. Get into the circle, and you’re set for life.

Hardworking and Driven

Hong Kong is a thriving area filled with successful businessmen and businesswomen. Men from Hong Kong have strong workmanship and passion. They are driven toward success, and their career is a strong priority.

Some Hong Kong guys seek out women with similar work ethics, while others prefer a partner who will stay home and take care of the household. There is no standard when it comes to this aspect of Hong Kong guys personality. If you want to be a stay-at-home mom and housewife, great! If you want to be a career woman, that’s great too! You can find Hong Kong singles who like either setup.  

Nonconfrontational, but Not Necessarily Nonjudgmental

One unique aspect of a Hong Kong guy’s personality is that he’s likely not going to comment about something he doesn’t like. This doesn’t mean he approves of it. He just won’t talk about it.

Hong Kongers in general tend to be nonconfrontational. They keep their opinions to themselves and let their actions speak accordingly. Don’t expect an HK man to be forthcoming right away. That will come with time.

Sometimes Superstitious

Superstitions are common in Hong Kong, and they vary from one family to the next. Each person has their own beliefs about how actions or omens impact day-to-day life. If you’re not a superstitious person, some reactions may catch you off guard. Embrace these quirks and the traditions rooted within them.

Private and Reserved

Hong Kongers are private people. It may take a while for you to get to know a man from Hong Kong. However, if you’re dating an American in Hong Kong, you may find they are vastly more open than you expect. Speaking specifically about a Hong Kong guys personality, we’ll say that they are likely to be reserved until they feel trusting enough to open up.

Eager to Find a Life-Long Partner

Once a man has decided he wants to add a partner to his life, he’s likely ready for marriage. They may not marry the first person they date, but they are probably dating with the intention of marriage. If you’re interested in dating guys from Hong Kong or international men living in Hong Kong, visit to find your perfect match.

Conversation Starters for Online Dating

Online dating doesn’t have to be a scary experience. You can move at your own pace and find partners who fully align with your goals. The tricky part is the get-to-know-you stage. You don’t want to make small talk. You want to plant seeds for meaningful conversations.

Check out these conversation starters for online dating to get inspired for your next adventure.

How to Create Meaningful Conversations Online

Before we get into actual conversation starters, you need to know the recipe for a good question. No matter what the topic is, you can use this formula to jumpstart a conversation.

Try to phrase your question so that it yields a long answer, not yes or no. Instead of asking if the person likes to watch shows, you could ask what their favorite TV show is and why. The answer to the first question might be, “Yes, I like to watch TV.” That creates a dead end in the conversation. The second phrasing may lead to a longer discussion. “My favorite TV show is Supernatural or anything related to ghost hunting.” You could follow that up with a corresponding interest of yours and smoothly transition into a conversation.

The good news is, you have time to think about phrasing when you’re dating online. You don’t have to say the first thing that comes to mind. You can take a second to structure a response that will create more discussions moving forward. Use this formula to gather tons of information about your partner in a short time and see if you truly connect.

Example Conversation Starters for Online Dating

Let’s take a look at some examples of how you should and should not start a conversation online.

Do ThisDon’t Do This
What hobbies do you like to do in your free time?Do you read much?
What is your favorite place you’ve ever visited and why?Have you been to London?
What made you decide to pursue online dating?Have you dated much in the past?
What is your ideal morning routine?What time do you wake up in the morning?
What are your career goals, and what are you doing to work toward them?Do you like your job?
What do you see for the future of your family? Kids, pets, lifestyle, etc.How many kids would you like to have?

As you can see, one set of questions leaves room for more back-and-forth conversation than the other set. You can still ask simple questions if they fit the flow, but if you want a conversation starter with long-lasting results, make sure you phrase it in the right way. The goal is to encourage the person on the other end to talk about themselves and hopefully spark even more questions for the future.

Here are some more examples of good conversation starters for online dating:

  • How is your life different now compared to what you expected it to be?
  • If you’ve had past relationships, what were the breaking points that caused you to split up?
  • What kind of music do you listen to when you want to feel inspired or empowered?
  • If you could only eat from one restaurant for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
  • What family traditions do you plan to carry into your future?
  • What do you want most out of a life partner?
  • What has your online dating experience been like so far? The good, the bad and the ugly
  • What personality trait do you look for most in a partner, and what do you think is your biggest asset?
  • If you could relive a time from your past, what would it be? What made that time special?

Get even more ideas: 21 Conversation Starters for Long Distance Online Dating

What to Do When a Conversation Goes Stale

If you feel like the conversation isn’t going anywhere, try changing the subject to something fresh. If you find yourself in a series of dead ends, it’s possible that you’re just not compatible with the person. There is nothing wrong with walking away from a conversation when you aren’t feeling a strong chemistry.

Before you do that though, take a look back at the types of questions you were asking. Did they leave room for discussion, or were they mostly yes-or-no answers? Did the other person ask reciprocating questions, or did you find yourself carrying the weight of the conversation. If you used the right approach and still didn’t get much out of the conversation, it’s likely time to move on. Thankfully, there are plenty of singles in the world eager to meet an amazing person like you!

The Ultimate Online Dating Guide: 50 Suggestions for Online Dating

If you’re navigating the world of online dating, it can feel a little scary at first. You don’t know what to expect or how to turn passive dating into a long-term relationship.

Our dating experts have interviewed several successful couples who met online, and we’ve scoured the internet for extra tips and tricks. All that information is now compiled into this Ultimate Online Dating Guide. Check out these online dating tips that are proven to work.  

Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile is the first thing other people see before they talk to you. These tips will help you make a great first impression.

1 – Use Your Best Photo First

This needs to be a clear photo of your face, including your eyes and your smile. If you have artistic photos you want to include in the profile, save them for later in the line. The first photo needs to showcase who you are, just as if someone was meeting you in person.

2 – Avoid Using Group Photos

We love that you’re close to your friends and family, but…no one really cares about that. This isn’t a group dating profile. It’s all about you! Leave the group photos for fun stories you share in the conversation stage of online dating.

3 – Post as Many Photos on Your Profile as the Site Allows

If you can only post five photos, upload five photos. If you can have ten, use ten! The trick here is to include a bunch of different photos to highlight different elements of your life. One picture shows you hiking, and another shows you baking cookies at home. Avoid repetitive pictures that look like the same angle with different backgrounds.

4 – Make Your Unique Features the Star of the Profile

What sets you apart from other people on this dating site? And before you say you have nothing to offer, we’ll reassure you that you do. In the business world, these features are called “unique selling points.” You’re trying to “sell” yourself to other people window shopping for love, just like you are. It may feel self-absorbed to brag about yourself, but people want to know what makes you special. Own that and make it prevalent in your photos and online dating provide content.

5 – Use Concise Phrasing (Get to the Point)

About 56% of people say it takes 7 seconds or less to make a first impression. That timeframe is even shorter online. If your dating profile is a wall of text, people are likely to move on quickly. Make your descriptions as concise as possible, while still emphasizing your hobbies, talents and values.

6 – Ask a Trusted Friend for Feedback

Do you have a friend who’s not afraid of providing honest feedback? That’s the person you want reviewing your online dating profile. Let them look over everything as if they were someone interested in dating you. They’ll let you know what you need to tweak for the best results.

7 – Don’t Let Your Dislikes Make You Seem Judgmental

You want to be honest on your profile, but there’s a balance to keep in mind. Focus more on what you want out of a relationship, not so much your dislikes. If the profile leans on the side of negative, it may seem off-putting or judgmental.

8 – When in Doubt, Leave It out

Wait a day or at least a few hours after creating your online dating profile. Then look at it with fresh eyes. Edit anything that seems out of place, wordy or excessive. And if you feel iffy about one element, leave it out.

Tips for Matching on an Online Dating Site

You’ve created your profile and now you’re ready to meet singles online. Here are some steps to get the ball rolling.

9 – Keep an Open Mind

Everyone has a type, even if they don’t actively realize it. You may have an idea in your head of what you want out of a partner, but try to keep an open mind. The more options you open yourself to, the better your chances are of finding a true match.

10 – Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate the Conversation

If you’re a shy person in real life, the internet is the perfect place to grow your voice. Don’t overthink it. Just go for it! You miss all of the shots you don’t take in life. Don’t let your reservation stop you from pursuing a relationship.

11 – Don’t Assume Every Match Is a Good Option

It may take a dozen conversations to yield one potential date. As exhausting as this can feel, it’s important not to get discouraged. You don’t have the body language and natural chemistry to review like you would in person. You’re relying on digital conversations to sort through the dating pool. Whatever time you spend along the way will be worth the end result.

12 – If You’re Not Getting Matches, Change up Your Profile

It may be time to change your profile photo or update your bio with new information. Refresh the profile to capture new attention, and you’ll soon see your matches go up.

Tips for Online Dating Conversations

Not sure what to say for online dating? These conversation tips will help you through the awkward silence.

13 – Ask Questions That Encourage Discussion (Not Yes or No Questions)

The most effective conversation starters are open-ended questions. If your question has a yes or no answer, that chain of thought is going to end quickly. Rather than saying, “Do you like classical music?” say, “What are your favorite styles of music?” The second version leaves room for a more elaborate discussion, which you can use to learn more about the other person.

14 – Be Honest about Your Past and Your Flaws

A staggering 71% of online daters say that they worry about people lying about themselves to appear more desirable. You don’t have to put on a show. If this is truly going to bloom into a relationship, the person will have to appreciate your flaws and your features. Tell the truth without fear of judgment. The right person will embrace those faults because they’re a unique part of you.

15 – Know When to Call It Quits

If you find yourself constantly initiating the conversation with little effort from the other person, it’s probably time to move on. Cut it off if you feel uncomfortable, neglected, or ignored. In a good relationship, the conversation will flow naturally.

16 – Don’t Get Wrapped up in Finding Your “Type”

You may be asking specific questions to see if the person fits your type. Well let’s face it – your type hasn’t really worked for you yet! Keep the conversations loose, and be open to a different perspective. That might be exactly what you’re missing in your life.

17 – Be Respectful of Cultural Differences

Cultural differences may change the nature of a conversation or the pace of the relationship in general. This is especially true in international online dating where lifestyles may be drastically different. Familiarize yourself with foreign dating cultures so you can adapt to someone else’s needs.

18 – Make Your Core Values Known Early on

Is religion a dealbreaker for you? Do you know for a fact that you do not want children in the future? These are the core values that will dictate the success of your relationship. Don’t waste your time or someone else’s time if there are fundamental areas you disagree on.

Of course, if there are areas where you have some flexibility, don’t consider those dealbreakers. Maybe you prefer someone with the same political ideas, but you’re also open for political discussions. Perhaps you don’t care if someone isn’t religious as long as they have some form of faith. Be aware of what you stand firm on and what you’re willing to potentially work around.

19 – Leave the In-Depth Conversations to Face-to-Face Dates

Online conversations don’t always come across correctly. If you’re going to talk about something important, you may want to save that conversation for a phone call, video call or in-person date. Ideally, arrange for a face-to-face interaction so you can watch the person’s body language and better gauge his or her feelings.

20 – Transition to Face-to-Face Conversations Early on

You may be tempted to text and email for an extended period of time, but most successful online dating couples say it’s best to meet early on. This may mean having a video chat on the phone or an in-person date, depending on the context of your relationship. There is no substitute for face-to-face chemistry, and you’ll really be able to see how well you mesh with the other person.

Tips for Virtual First Dates

Are you dating virtually before you meet in person? This is common for long distance online dating, and it’s not exactly like dating in person. Here are some suggestions to make your virtual first date a success.

21 – Create a Tidy Background for the Date

The person you’re dating doesn’t want to see your dirty laundry or piles of junk mail. Take some time to prepare the background or clean your space as a whole. You want to establish a good first impression, and your empty soda cans just aren’t going to cut it.

22 – Set up a Charging Station for Your Phone or Laptop

You don’t know how long this date may last. What starts as an hour could turn into an all-night experience of deep conversation. If you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop or other battery-powered device, make sure you have access to a charging station. Hopefully you end up using it!

23 – Showcase Your Pets and Interests

A great way to liven up an online date is to let the other person meet your pets! If you don’t have pets, you can still show off something important in your life. Maybe you have a collection of coffee mugs or a wall of books you love. Let the other person have a glimpse in your daily life.

24 – Plan ahead If There Is a Language Barrier

If you’re dating someone who speaks a different language, plan ahead for how you can handle that. Are you going to use translating software? Do you need a video call that will let you type while you view each other? A language barrier doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker for a date. You just need to proactively prepare for it.

25 – Do a Test Run with a Friend

Ask a trusted friend to do a quick trial run with you. Make sure you can sign into your profile, use your camera, and hear the other person when they speak. Technical difficulties can kill the momentum of an otherwise good date, so it’s best to be ready for them.

26 – Dress Like You Would for an In-Person Date

Dress nicely for your first date. It doesn’t matter that you’re sitting at home. You still want to look polished and tidy. You may choose to have more relaxed virtual dates in the future, but start off looking your best.

27 – Plan an Activity for the Date

This could be eating a similar meal together, playing a question-and-answer game, baking your favorite dishes, or anything you want to do. The goal here is to have a foundation for the date – something you can use as a jumping point for conversations and fun. This will fill in the awkward silence that sometimes happens online, and it will make the date feel more real.

28 – Clear Your Schedule for the Date

Phone calls, meetings, appointments – none of these things should interfere with your date. You may even want to block the notifications on your phone so you can focus entirely on the person you’re talking to. If you come across as too distracted, your partner isn’t going to want a second date.

29 – Write down Conversation Starters to Use (Or Find a Game That Does This for You)

There is nothing wrong with having a list of conversation starters on hand. If you can’t figure out what to say, you could get an icebreaker game to use for the date. There are tons of options available, and most have basic cards with fun questions on them. Pull out a question, read it aloud and see where the conversation goes.

30 – Embrace the Awkward Moments and Laugh about Them Together

There’s almost no way to avoid awkward moments on a date. That’s part of life and getting to know a new person. Embrace these moments because they can turn into fun memories later on. Take joy in the journey.

31 – Make Plans for a Second Date If the First One Went Well

Studies show that it only takes 15 minutes into a first date for most people to decide on a second one. If you feel like the date went well, bring up another date for the future. “I really enjoyed this. Are you free on Friday for us to meet up again?” If the person agrees to a plan, you know they also enjoyed themselves. If they want to take things a little slower, you can proceed at whatever pace feels comfortable for you both.

Tips for In-Person First Dates after Online Dating

Whether you’ve had a ton of virtual dates or this is the first formal meetup with someone, you can benefit from these in-person first date tips.

32 – Ask in Advance If You Can Hug, Shake Hands, etc.

Every person has their own boundaries regarding physical touch. It would be wise and respectful to ask what your partner’s boundaries are before you meet in person. “Would it be OK if I hug you when we first meet?” Alternatively, you could research the dating culture for that person’s area and see what is customary for first dates.

The main point here is not to overstep someone’s physical boundaries early on.

33 – Turn Your Phone Notifications Off (Or Ignore Your Phone Altogether)

Keep the date as distraction-free as possible. Don’t scroll on your phone, respond to text messages, or answer emails on a date. If you work in an environment where you cannot turn off your phone notifications, such as the medical field, make your date aware of that from the beginning. You don’t want to seem disinterested because you couldn’t focus on the date you’re on.

34 – Plan a Casual Date Where You Can Easily Talk

Most dating experts agree that a casual dining experience is best for a first date. If you go somewhere formal, you may feel stiff and uncomfortable. If you go to a movie or somewhere loud, you may have a hard time talking to the other person. You want a date that will let you converse freely with the other person.

35 – Do Something to Calm Your Nerves before the Date

Take a bubble bath, get a massage, do a relaxing activity. Shake off the nerves in advance so you can enter the date with as little stress as possible.

36 – Tell Someone You Trust Where You’re Going

Let at least one other person know where you’re going to be on your date. You may even turn on a location tracker on your phone, just to be safe. If something goes wrong, you want someone to know where you are and how to find you. Safety is important, no matter how comfortable you may feel with this person.

37 – Arrive Separately and Meet at the Location

It may seem romantic to have the other person pick you up for a date, but that means you’re confined to that person if the date doesn’t go well. It’s best to arrive separately and meet at a mutual location. If you want to go to the other person’s place after the date, you can. But having your own means of transportation gives you a way out if things go wrong.

38 – Have a Second Activity Planned If the Date Goes Well

What if you really like the date and want to go beyond dinner? What are you going to do? Think of follow-up activities or places you could hang out to keep the conversation going later into the night.

39 – Actively Listen to What the Other Person Is Saying

Adults want to feel validated. Period, statement, end of discussion. You want someone who actively listens to you, and they want someone who actively listens to them. Absorb what the other person is saying, and ask questions to keep them talking. You’ll quickly see a spark in their eyes when they realize you find their words valuable.

40 – Be Prepared to Split the Bill

Some dating experts say that the person who suggests the date should cover the bill, but we think it’s best to prepare to pay your half. If the other person offers to pay for it all, that’s perfectly fine. Nevertheless, you want to be ready to cover your own costs.

41 – Avoid Excess Drinking, Even If You’re at a Bar

Bars aren’t ideal for first dates anyway, but that may be where the night leads. Monitor your alcohol intake and avoid drinking in excess. People say and do things under the influence they wouldn’t do otherwise. You don’t want to start a relationship off with regrets.

42 – Dress Appropriately for the Date’s Activities

Think about what you want to wear based on what you’ll be doing. If you’re going to an arcade, dress casually. If you’re going to a nice restaurant and a walk in the park afterward, wear something nice that comes with comfortable shoes. Thoughtful planning will go a long way.

Online Dating Tips for Long-Lasting Relationships

You’ve made it past the first date, and you think this might turn into a relationship. Congratulations! Here are some important online dating tips for a long-lasting relationship.

43 – Put in the Effort (This Goes for Both Sides)

Make time for the person you’re dating. Think of ways to engage in their hobbies and interests. Also keep an eye on how much effort the other person is putting into the relationship. If it feels one-sided, talk about that. You need to find a balance that work for both of you.

44 – Set Realistic Goals for the Next Steps in Your Relationship

What does the short- and long-term trajectory of your relationship look like? What can you do to reach those goals? This may include moving, job changes, financial preparation, and much more. Discuss these important topics so you can have milestones to strive toward.

45 – Have a Discussion about Transitioning to a Monogamous Relationship

This is one of the most important discussions a couple can have. If you’re ready to stop seeing other people, talk to your partner about that. It’s crucial that you get on the same page about this to avoid hurting each other’s feelings. You might not be ready at the same time, but you need to be transparent about your status.

46 – Meet In-Person as Much as Possible

This is tricky for long distance dating, but it’s important no matter what. If you ultimately plan to spend your life with this person, you need to see if your daily lives are compatible. This requires a lot of in-person interactions.

47 – Keep Going on Dates Even When Things Get Comfortable

In a good relationship, it’s easy to fall into a level of comfort that soon becomes a rut. This is when many relationships start to fizzle out. You can keep the spark alive by continuing to date your partner. Whether you’re married, engaged, or still in the early stages of courtship, plan dates that will fuel your relationship.

48 – Talk about the Boring Parts of Your Day

This sounds so silly, but talk about the boring stuff! That thing that happened at work that made your whole day feel off. That funny person you saw getting groceries. That weird dream you had the other night. These seemingly meaningless elements of your life are more important than you think. Your relationship isn’t always going to feel exciting, but the connection you have with your partner can be.

49 – Remember, It Won’t Always Be Easy

No relationship is perfect from start to finish. You are going to face challenges in your relationship, regardless of when or how you start dating. Push through the hard times to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

50 – …But It Will Be Worth It!

As daunting as dating may seem, the end result is worth it. Imagine coming home from a hard day of work ad seeing the person that instantly makes your day better. Think about how great it will feel to know you’ve found the person who completes you. It’s not always easy or predictable, but it is rewarding. We’re here to make the journey as easy as possible.

What to Expect Dating Someone from Hong Kong

You’ve been immersed in a certain dating culture for most of your adult life, and you likely know what to expect with local singles. What happens when you decide to date someone outside of your area though? How might that change your dating encounters?

Read on to learn what to expect dating someone from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dating Values: What HK Singles Want from a Relationship

In Hong Kong, most adults date with the intention of finding a life partner. The relationships may start as casual friendships, but the main goal of Hong Kong dating is to find a compatible person to marry.

Of course, every person has their own goals and desires when it comes to dating. Some singles may have recently ended a long-term relationship, so they want to ease into something new. Others may know what they want, and they’re not wasting any time pursuing it.

As a whole, adults who date in Hong Kong have already established their careers, or they’re working toward select career goals. They want to date people who can potentially add value to their stable lives. “Dating around” is not common, nor is intimacy early on. If you’re dating someone from Hong Kong, you may want to prepare for slow progress that’s not driven by physical affection at first.

What to Expect on the First Date

Hong Kong singles enjoy having a casual dinner for a first date. They want to meet somewhere they can feel comfortable having a conversation and getting to know one another. This doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant, but it should be somewhere more high-end than fast food. A movie outing could also be fun, but it doesn’t allow for as much conversation.

Your date will likely wear something clean and tidy, and they’ll expect you to do the same. Avoid wearing anything wrinkled or stained that my make you look unkempt. There likely will not be physical interactions during this date, other than a hug or handshake for hello/goodbye. If the night goes well, you can arrange for a second date to continue getting to know that person.

The Dating to Marriage Timeline in Hong Kong

The timeline from dating to marriage in Hong Kong varies considerably by couple. For the most part, courtship is a gradual process in Hong Kong, meaning that adults do not rush quickly into marriage. The average age for a woman getting married in Hong Kong is 30.4 years old, but there are marriages far and wide across the age spectrum.

It may take several dates for a couple to become serious, and then it may take months or even years before they decide to get married. However, most Hong Kong singles are interested in monogamous relationships, even if marriage doesn’t happen right away.

What Not to Do When Dating Someone from Hong Kong

Whether you just started dating someone from Hong Kong or it’s something you’re looking into for the future, focus on being attentive and engaging. Ask about their goals, experiences and passions. Get invested in what they like to do and why they like to do it. While it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about yourself, avoid consuming the entire conversation. There should be a good balance within the relationship.

Do not push physical boundaries without permission. This is highly frowned upon in Hong Kong dating culture. Most singles will want to take things slow, and you should respect whatever pace your partner decides to use.

If you’re from the U.S., Great Britain, or similar countries, you may be used to dating singles who are forward and outspoken. Dating someone from Hong Kong is quite the opposite. Hong Kong singles tend to be more reserved and shy, so you may find yourself making the first move. Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation, as long as it is polite and respectful.

How to Meet Hong Kong Singles

Because every person is unique, every dating experience is also unique. The key is to find someone who aligns with your personality, lifestyle and future goals. Meet Hong Kong Singles was designed to connect adults in Hong Kong with those from other countries in the hopes of forming healthy, long-lasting relationships. If you’re ready to start dating someone from Hong Kong, create a profile here on Check the upper righthand corner of the home page to get started!

Where Do Singles Meet in Hong Kong?

What’s it like to date in Hong Kong? Where do singles go to meet up? The dating scene in Hong Kong has changed over the last few years, so it’s important to know your options. Read on to learn where singles meet in Hong Kong.

Singles Often Meet in Social Groups

When it comes to meeting singles in Hong Kong, many adults rely on their social circles. They connect with coworkers and friends-of-friends, and they slowly branch out to new social groups through those connections.

The problem with this approach is that networking takes time. Singles in Hong Kong aren’t always eager to initiate conversations with new people, which makes it even harder to meet someone in person. For adults looking to date right away, the gradual nature of this process can make dating frustrating and inconclusive.

Do Hong Kong Singles Go to Bars/Clubs?

The bar scene in Hong Kong is mostly centered in the Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo districts. SoHo is slightly more upscale, while LKF is more casual. You can certainly find singles in these areas, but most of them will stick with their social groups. This may make it challenging or intimidating to spark up a conversation.

Do Singles in Hong Kong Use Dating Apps?

Online dating has grown in popularity, especially after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. This is particularly convenient for singles in Hong Kong because most of them are working professionals. Using a dating app or an online dating site like Meet Hong Kong Singles makes it easy to connect with other singles, regardless of their busy schedules.

Furthermore, many Hong Kong singles are looking to date internationally because of the high cost of living in Hong Kong. If they can find a partner who adds value to their life, their country of origin may not matter. In fact, living outside of Hong Kong may work in your favor if you’re trying to meet HK singles.

Tips for U.S. Adults Trying to Meet Singles in Hong Kong

Whether you want to meet in person or you want to date internationally, the internet is your best friend. You’d think it’d be easy to meet singles in Hong Kong, with approximately 6,300 people per square kilometer. Nevertheless, most working professionals in Hong Kong find it difficult to connect with like-minded adults.

The internet bridges the gap and makes it easier to weed through potential partners. You can quickly sift through singles and review their profiles without sparking a new conversation each time. If you rely on in-person social circles to date in Hong Kong, your options will feel more limited than they are. Online dating makes the process of meeting Hong Kong singles less stressful and more convenient with a busy work life.

If you want to meet singles in Hong Kong, sign up for We connect adults form around the world in the hopes of fueling positive relationships that last a lifetime. Register today for your 14-day free trial.

Are Asian Women Interested in Western Guys?

The quick answer is yes. But there are layers to that answer that delve into cultural differences that in the past have frowned upon Hong Kong women dating foreigners. But the times are changing and those changes are impacting the local dating scene and all the expectations that come with it. Hong Kong women like western men for what they represent: strength, humor, confidence, and independence. 

Hong Kong women who have studied overseas or who have worked in foreign companies are more likely to date a foreigner, says China Daily.

A Look at the Numbers

The male to female ratio for Hong Kong was 84 males per 100 females as of 2020. There are about 4.5 million males here and four million females, with the ratio lowering for males within the prime dating bracket (age 25+) to 78 males per 100 females. There are many social factors that come into play when it comes to parental pressure for women to marry by the age of 30 – even today.

This timeline often gets pushed off, as many Hong Kong women are career-centric and put their jobs over all else. This push to attain and maintain a career often puts Hong Kong women in an older age bracket to get married, as they seek (sometimes in vain) to find a like-minded professional with whom they can make a meaningful connection.

Asian parents still expect their children to do as they say. Hong Kong women are expected to marry by the age of 27, 30 at the outset. If not, her immediate family and society will view her as sheng nu, which translates to “leftover woman,” according to Asia Loving. The median age of Hong Kong women for their first marriage is 29, and even that age (which isn’t exactly considered by anyone else as over-the-hill) comes with a lot of pressure.

With a lack of resources in their own country, many Hong Kong women are seeking western men. Why?

What Hong Kong Women are Looking For in Western Guys

More and more Chinese women are dating and marrying western men. Their perception of western men usually grows from a vague understanding of western culture. Hong Kong women view western males as tall, strong men who enjoy sports, care about their appearance, who are considerate to women, and who are romantic and talented in the bedroom.

In addition, they perceive Western men as being well-educated, humorous, easy-going, polite, confident, independent, rich, and respectful of their own rights as well as of others’ privacy and pursuits. They see them as placing a high value on quality of life, which they pepper with hobbies when they can. But overall, Hong Kong women see western men as having a good grasp on their professional lives, as they too put career first. They don’t want a man with no direction in life. They want a man who sees the world as they do, with career first (at least for now), and love and family later. They see western men as being more tolerant, as they wouldn’t think twice about dating or marrying a woman who isn’t a virgin. They’re also more willing to marry a divorced woman, unlike Chinese men.

Some say Hong Kong women initially gravitate toward western men because they represent status and money, and generally find excitement in dating a foreigner. That excitement seems to wear off after a while though, as Hong Kong women tend to date western men but marry Hong Kong or Chinese men. A lot of that has to do with the familial and societal pressure to marry local, and many Hong Kong women still must seek approval from their parents on their choice of mate.

Hong Kong Women and Education

Many Hong Kong women – more than ever — are highly educated, holding at least a four-year degree, usually more. The pursuit of a master’s degree can take these women into their later 20s. Thus, the timeline they have between post grad and marriage is very limited, putting them in danger of sheng nu (see above).

Hong Kong women can be very ambitious, and can often times be even more driven than men. It’s not unusual for the daughters of affluent Hong Kong families to study abroad for their postgraduate degrees, typically in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. It’s this increased interaction and exposure to foreign cultures that make Hong Kong women more open to dating western men.

Are you a western guy looking to connect with single Hong Kong women? Are you a Hong Kong woman looking to meet a western guy? We match professionals just like you with the perfect mate. Start searching now!