Creating the Ultimate Online Dating Profile

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Are you struggling to make connections online? The culprit may be a lackluster dating profile. Learning how to ‘sell’ yourself is a skill that takes time to master. Our dating experts are here to offer a crash course.

Read on to learn how to create the ultimate online dating profile.

Identify Your Unique Selling Points

In the marketing world, a unique selling proposition is an element that sets a business apart from its competitors. A marketer’s job is to identify the business’s USP and highlight it substantially.

You can use this same principle for your online dating profile. What are your unique selling points? What makes you stand out from others? What are your hobbies, special interests, accomplishments, and goals? Your USPs provide the foundation for a memorable profile that others will think back on as they browse through potential matches.

Write a Concise Bio That Showcases Who You Are at a Glance

Online dating is all about first impressions. It only takes someone 7 seconds to form an opinion about you, whether meeting online or in person. Your bio and profile photo are the main features potential partners can see on a dating site. Make them count.

Craft a bio that accentuates your unique selling points as concisely as possible. You can use an app/site like Grammarly to check your writing before you publish. Eliminate wordy or repetitive phrases to make the key points prevalent. Having an engaging, easy-to-read profile will maximize your opportunity to connect.

Choose a Clear Profile Picture That Focuses on Your Face

A good profile photo is a bookend to a scannable bio. Ideally, the image should be of your face with minimal background. Smiling photos tend to yield higher engagement, but a sultry candid can also work well.

Do not make your photo private unless you absolutely must. This will drastically reduce your contacts. People like to know who they’re talking to, especially if they haven’t met you in person.

You can include artistic photos with fuller backgrounds but reserve those for other parts of the profile. Your profile pic should be eye-catching enough for someone to click on while scrolling. Beautiful foliage and artwork aren’t as powerful as genuine human connection.

Enhance Your Profile with Additional Photos: Full-Body and Special Interests

Most online dating sites provide places for supplemental photos. Show off your hobbies, talents, photography, and more in this area. Avoid group photos. Keep the focus on yourself. Curate a collection of images that exemplify who you are.

Think about What You Look for on Someone’s Profile

Which part of a person’s profile do you look at most? Does your profile fit what you look for in others? Putting yourself in someone else’s perspective can help you edit your dating profile. Maybe you need a better variety of photos, or perhaps your bio is bland. View your page through another lens and adjust accordingly.

Be Honest! Do Not Fib or Exaggerate

Any lies you tell on your dating profile will haunt you in the future. If someone connects with you because of a lie, they won’t want to continue dating you when they learn the truth. Do not say you own a business if you’re the manager or claim an accomplishment you haven’t completed.

Your real life has merit! It is interesting, captivating, and meaningful. Focus on the facts rather than writing what you think people want to read. This is the only way to achieve a successful long-term relationship.

Actively Engage with Other Dating Profiles

You may need to take matters into your own hands. Look at other profiles and read their bios thoroughly. If you see someone you like, send them a short message explaining what you liked about their profile and why you think you two should connect. This display of confidence will broaden your dating pool and optimize your responses.

Respond When Someone Engages with You

If someone takes the time to message you, message them back! You may not like them from a first impression, but you should see where the conversation goes. We can’t tell you how many couples we’ve met that say, “He’s not my type, but…” You never know where a brief encounter could lead you.

Above all else, be yourself. Your personality perfectly aligns with someone else’s. Take chances online while remaining authentically you. Your dating profile is one step in the exciting adventure that awaits.