How to Write an Attention-Getting Singles Profile

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Have you had minimal luck with dating apps in the past? Are you looking to engage with other singles and start a serious relationship? A compelling dating profile can lay the foundation for your future success.

This guide explains how to write a singles profile that catches people’s attention and generates the best options for you.

Identify What Makes You Unique

Every person has unique selling points – those attributes that make them stand out from everyone else. You may think you’re “just an ordinary adult,” but you have plenty of special features. Keep those features in focus as you write your singles profile.

Here are some examples of unique traits to promote:

  • Avid reading, puzzling, crafting, or other hobbies
  • Musical talents, such as singing or playing instruments
  • Specialized knowledge in a niche subject, like horticulture or scuba diving
  • Volunteer efforts and philanthropic passions
  • Fun facts about your family, height, name, or heritage
  • Goals that you’re actively working on

Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments! These are the elements on your dating profile that will make other people interested in engaging with you.

Use a Closeup Photo for Your Main Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. What you write on a singles profile will mean nothing if people do not click on it. For these reasons, we firmly recommend using a public photo for online dating. It should be a closeup of your face; save the body photos for other parts of your profile.

Avoid over-editing your profile photos. A study revealed that 41% of online daters consider over-edited pictures to be a top turnoff on dating apps. Take good smiling photos in natural lighting, preferably with your eyes visible. Smile or smirk playfully at the camera, and change out your profile picture every few months to keep it fresh.  

Maintain a Positive Tone with Your Singles Profile

Every person has likes and dislikes. As you write your singles profile, keep the “likes” in mind. We cannot tell you how many times we’ve seen profiles with lines like “I hate people who do XYZ” or “I won’t date someone who believes in XYZ.” Those negative statements are huge turnoffs.

Instead of saying what you hate, don’t like, wouldn’t do, etc., highlight what you do like. “I love talking to people who enjoy XYZ,” or “I am passionate about XYZ.” Types of phrases will generate a much better response online.

Keep Your Options Open

Far too many people limit their options online because it’s easy to do. You can narrow your dating pool with a click of a button, but that doesn’t mean you should. We encourage you to keep an open mind because the vision you have in your head may not adequately represent the perfect person for you. Avoid statements on your profile that may alienate certain groups of people.

Write a Singles Profile That Is Concise Yet Captivating

The one drawback about online dating is that people have short attention spans. They scroll quickly through a profile and cast judgment about what they see. Your singles profile should be short and sweet. Put the most important information at the top of the profile, and eliminate excess wordiness.

If you need extra space to tell your story, break it up into paragraphs for easy skimming. You want to grab people’s attention and keep them moving throughout your profile. Those actions spark conversations.

Adjust Your Singles Profile Periodically

When is the last time you updated your dating bio or profile picture? If it has been more than a couple of months, it may be time for a refresh. You can also adjust your dating profile if you do not think you’re getting the responses you should. Ask friends or family members to review your profile and provide feedback on what they like/don’t like. Then tweak your profile as needed.

Respond When You Do Catch Someone’s Attention

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! If you successfully write a singles profile that catches people’s attention, follow up with the messages you receive. Ignoring messages is a common reason why people struggle to date online. The initial small talk can feel exhausting, but it’s a necessary step in the journey. Once the conversation starts flowing, you’ll be happy you invested the time to create an engaging dating profile.

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