Are Asian Women Interested in Western Guys?

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The quick answer is yes. But there are layers to that answer that delve into cultural differences that in the past have frowned upon Hong Kong women dating foreigners. But the times are changing and those changes are impacting the local dating scene and all the expectations that come with it. Hong Kong women like western men for what they represent: strength, humor, confidence, and independence. 

Hong Kong women who have studied overseas or who have worked in foreign companies are more likely to date a foreigner, says China Daily.

A Look at the Numbers

The male to female ratio for Hong Kong was 84 males per 100 females as of 2020. There are about 4.5 million males here and four million females, with the ratio lowering for males within the prime dating bracket (age 25+) to 78 males per 100 females. There are many social factors that come into play when it comes to parental pressure for women to marry by the age of 30 – even today.

This timeline often gets pushed off, as many Hong Kong women are career-centric and put their jobs over all else. This push to attain and maintain a career often puts Hong Kong women in an older age bracket to get married, as they seek (sometimes in vain) to find a like-minded professional with whom they can make a meaningful connection.

Asian parents still expect their children to do as they say. Hong Kong women are expected to marry by the age of 27, 30 at the outset. If not, her immediate family and society will view her as sheng nu, which translates to “leftover woman,” according to Asia Loving. The median age of Hong Kong women for their first marriage is 29, and even that age (which isn’t exactly considered by anyone else as over-the-hill) comes with a lot of pressure.

With a lack of resources in their own country, many Hong Kong women are seeking western men. Why?

What Hong Kong Women are Looking For in Western Guys

More and more Chinese women are dating and marrying western men. Their perception of western men usually grows from a vague understanding of western culture. Hong Kong women view western males as tall, strong men who enjoy sports, care about their appearance, who are considerate to women, and who are romantic and talented in the bedroom.

In addition, they perceive Western men as being well-educated, humorous, easy-going, polite, confident, independent, rich, and respectful of their own rights as well as of others’ privacy and pursuits. They see them as placing a high value on quality of life, which they pepper with hobbies when they can. But overall, Hong Kong women see western men as having a good grasp on their professional lives, as they too put career first. They don’t want a man with no direction in life. They want a man who sees the world as they do, with career first (at least for now), and love and family later. They see western men as being more tolerant, as they wouldn’t think twice about dating or marrying a woman who isn’t a virgin. They’re also more willing to marry a divorced woman, unlike Chinese men.

Some say Hong Kong women initially gravitate toward western men because they represent status and money, and generally find excitement in dating a foreigner. That excitement seems to wear off after a while though, as Hong Kong women tend to date western men but marry Hong Kong or Chinese men. A lot of that has to do with the familial and societal pressure to marry local, and many Hong Kong women still must seek approval from their parents on their choice of mate.

Hong Kong Women and Education

Many Hong Kong women – more than ever — are highly educated, holding at least a four-year degree, usually more. The pursuit of a master’s degree can take these women into their later 20s. Thus, the timeline they have between post grad and marriage is very limited, putting them in danger of sheng nu (see above).

Hong Kong women can be very ambitious, and can often times be even more driven than men. It’s not unusual for the daughters of affluent Hong Kong families to study abroad for their postgraduate degrees, typically in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. It’s this increased interaction and exposure to foreign cultures that make Hong Kong women more open to dating western men.

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