What Do Hong Kong Women Want?

Hong Kong Woman

The question “what do women want?” has perplexed single men for generations. Every woman is unique, but there are some cultural influences that may dictate a woman’s preferences. We interviewed multiple women from Hong Kong to find out what Hong Kong women want. Here’s what we discovered…

Hong Kong Women Want Men Who Add Value to Their Lives

Most Hong Kong women focus on their careers before they start dating. They either have a stable career or they’re on a clear trajectory for one before they open themselves to a partner. At that point, they don’t want someone who is going to detract from their goals. Instead, they want a person who adds value to their lives.

This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, wealthy or stereotypically ‘successful’ to date a woman from Hong Kong. Your motivation matters far more than your monetary worth. Do you have goals in life? Are you working hard to achieve them? Those are the qualities that Hong Kong women want.

Do Hong Kong Women Like Older Men or Younger Men?

For the most part, Hong Kong women like dating men close to their age or older. They may only date one or two years younger, but they could date someone five to ten years older. This partly has to do with stability and maturity. HK women want men who are in a similar stage of life.

HK Women Like Cleanliness and Tidiness

You may not be able to change how handsome you are, but you can always change how tidy you are. Hong Kong women like men who can take care of themselves. This includes everything from personal hygiene to cleanliness at home. You’re better off showing up to a date in a freshly clean t-shirt than you would be in a stained button-up shirt.

Once again, Hong Kong women want partners who add value, not create more work for them.

Hong Kong Women Want to Feel Valued (Attentiveness Is Key)

One of the Hong Kong women we interviewed said she ended a prior relationship because “he cared about him, not about us.” Women across the board want to feel heard, understood and respected. They don’t need to be worshiped or doted on, but they do need to feel important. If you can be an attentive partner, you’re likely to do well in the Hong Kong dating scene.

Remember: Every Hong Kong Woman Is Different!

No two women are exactly alike, regardless of their upbringing. Some Hong Kong women like men of a certain height, weight, age range or social status. Others are open to just about any partner as long as they feel valued and respected. Our site aims to match Hong Kong singles with their ideal partners, no matter what their preferences may be.