What Is the Hong Kong Dating Scene Like?

Couple on a Dinner Date

What’s it like dating in Hong Kong? What do Hong Kong singles look for and expect when they’re dating? Hong Kong has a rich culture that greatly influences the local dating scene. Here’s a closer look at how dating works in Hong Kong.

Dating within Social Circles

The Hong Kong dating scene is mostly focused on peer groups. To find a partner, a single might meet a friend of a friend. Larger social circles lead to more dating opportunities, but Hong Kong singles aren’t as extroverted as other cultures.

Much of the Hong Kong Dating Scene Happens in LKF

LKF is the bar and club district of Hong Kong. This is where you can often find local singles hanging out with friends. There are plenty of other socialization options, but most locals would consider LKF the place to be.

Do People from Hong Kong Date outside of Their Race?

Yes, people from Hong Kong will date outside their race or ethnic group. Many Hong Kong singles enjoy meeting other singles from the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences about what they like or do not like. Some Hong Kong adults prefer dating people from similar cultures and backgrounds.

What Is the Average Dating Age in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong singles don’t typically date until their 20s, at minimum. Some may not date until their 30s or beyond. This is because dating during the school years isn’t common in this culture. The Hong Kong dating scene is mostly comprised of career-minded adults that have established a life for themselves.

Women in Hong Kong prefer dating men that are around their age or older. Hong Kong men are open to women around their age or younger. This isn’t the case for every couple, but that is a common preference.

Is It Easy to Date in Hong Kong?

In a region with 7.39 million people, you’d think dating in Hong Kong would be easy. There are plenty of options, so it must be simple to find a match, right?

That’s not exactly the case though. Hong Kong singles date within their social circles, which means they’re limited by their environment. There are also issues with having too many options. It takes a while to meet up with compatible singles, and then takes even longer to find a long-term partner.

Online dating makes it much easier to find and meet Hong Kong singles. You can quickly search for singles based on age, location, beliefs and more to find a compatible option right away.

Casual Dating vs. Dating for Marriage

In general, the Hong Kong dating scene is focused on serious relationships. Because Hong Kong singles are usually mature adults with stable careers, they’re past the days of casual “meaningless” relationships. Dating may start off casual to get to know one another, but most Hongkongers will date with the intention of marriage.

Casual hookups in Hong Kong are not as common as they are in other countries. The population is mostly conservative, and promiscuity is frowned upon.  

How Does the Hong Kong Dating Scene Compare to the U.S.?

The Hong Kong dating scene are similar in some ways, but they drastically different in others. We have a complete guide comparing Hong Kong Dating vs. U.S. Dating that explains what to expect in both cultures.