Hong Kong Dating Activities – What to Do on a First Date

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Hong Kong is roughly three times the size of Washington, D.C., but it has a population that’s nearly ten times higher. With that many people in such a small area, it may be tough to find things to do on a first date. Where can you go that’s fun, interesting, and still quiet enough to allow for conversation? Check out these Hong Kong dating activities to plan for your first date.

Dating Activities in Hong Kong

Here are some dating ideas for in-person dates in Hong Kong:

There are tons of small shops to visit throughout Hong Kong. Find out about your date’s hobbies and interests. Then tailor your first date to fit that. Consider budget, transport time, and operating hours as you plan your Hong Kong dating activities.

First Date Ideas for Long-Distance Dating in Hong Kong

What if you’re dating internationally? What can you do to create an experience like in-person dating? Here are some virtual dating activities for world dating:

  • Make a meal together on a video chat, and then eat dinner from your homes.
  • Start watching a TV show that neither of you has seen, and pause for conversation when you have new commentary.
  • Play show-and-tell around your homes, showcasing the things you love and hate in your space.
  • Play a two-player phone game while on video or on the phone together.
  • Create fun presentations for what you would do for your ideal first date, and then show them to one another.
  • Purchase a cheap board game that you can play in two different locations, such as Battleship or Guess Who.
  • Play Mad Libs together to create funny statements and scenarios.
  • Take turns choosing songs to play while you work on a puzzle or quiet hobby.

It may feel strange to have a date with someone in a different room, but modern technology makes anything possible. Think about what you would want to do together in person, and find a way to adapt that through video chat or phone calls. You might be amazed by how fun it can be!

How to Meet Singles in Hong Kong

Many Hong Kong singles date online because internet dating offers schedule flexibility. Hong Kongers have busy lives, and most of them keep their social circles small. Online dating provides a platform for meeting other people with similar goals. Singles can take time to think about what they want to say before they say it, and they can weed out the people they do not want to talk to.

Whether you live in Hong Kong or just want to meet singles living in Hong Kong, our dating site can help. We have a large network of singles in Hong Kong, mainland China, Canada, Australia, the U.S., and other international locations. Sign up for Meet Hong Kong Singles to start making connections. You’ll be testing out these Hong Kong dating activities soon enough!

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