What Hong Kong Singles Are Looking for

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Are you looking to date people from Hong Kong? Are you moving to Hong Kong and interested in dating while you’re there? Understanding the Hong Kong dating scene can help you prepare for cultural differences, but every person’s experience is completely unique. This guide provides an overview of what Hong Kong singles are looking for based on intensive research from our dating experts.

The Average Dating Age in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong tend to get married later in life compared to other Asian cultures (Source). Dating normally starts in the adult years, often after the person has completed post-secondary school. Hong Kong is a bustling community with a career-focused culture. Most Hong Kong singles put their careers first and consider dating after they’re on their desired path.

Dating in high school is not common in Hong Kong as it is in the United States. Couples may have children shortly after getting married, but they delay marriage until their lives are well established. Most Hong Kong women will date men their age or older, but men are comfortable dating women younger than them. Of course, these preferences vary greatly by individual and may change with adapting times.

Most Hong Kong Singles Are Working Professionals

Most singles in Hong Kong value their careers. This applies to both men and women. Work may be one of the first topics of conversation when dating someone from Hong Kong. Most Hong Kongers expect their partners to be similarly motivated unless they plan to be a stay-at-home caretakers for children. Do not assume your career will be top-priority when dating a Hong Kong single. Their career is likely going to be equally important.

Conservative Values Remain Strong in the Hong Kong Dating Scene

If you’re used to dating in the United States, you’re familiar with casual dating and hookup culture. Hong Kong singles have much different expectations and experiences from dating. They tend to value long-term, committed relationships, and many date with the intention of finding a life partner. Physical affection may take a while to build up to. Focus on establishing meaningful connections that will hopefully yield a lifelong partnership.

Many Hong Kong Singles Enjoy International Dating

International dating is welcomed in Hong Kong. This densely-populated region is packed with millions of eligible singles, yet most singles say that it is difficult to form connections outside of work. Hong Kongers often enjoy learning about other cultures, and they like dating online because it’s convenient for their busy lives. They can send messages around their work schedules and connect with people all around the world.

Some Hong Kong singles aim to stay in the region to be close to family, but many are willing to move for their relationships. It does not matter if you want to move to Hong Kong or you’re simply interested in meeting Hong Kongers – you can likely find someone who connects with your vision for the future.

How to Meet Hong Kong Singles Online

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