How to Take a Good Online Dating Profile Pic

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Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they connect with you online. Making a solid first impression could significantly increase your chance of finding matches. In this guide from Meet Hong Kong Singles, we’ll provide tips for how to take a good online dating profile pic.

Components of a Good Dating Profile Photo

What makes for a “good” profile picture? Is it the angle, the lighting, the background, or something else entirely?

A good profile pic involves a combination of factors. You want it to feel engaging and inviting. It’s not just about looking your best. The photo also needs to relay the fact that you are approachable. A clear smiling photo in good lighting is a great start.

Tips for Taking Your Online Dating Profile Pic

Here are some tips for taking a profile photo:

  • Use natural lighting. Almost everyone looks best in natural lighting. This could be from a window or from you standing directly outside. Cloudy days disperse light evenly to eliminate shadows and make your skin glow. If possible, take your photo during the Golden Hours when the sun is rising or setting for the day.
  • Choose a photo where you’re looking at the camera and smiling. You could also use a candid photo where you’re looking slightly to the side, but make sure people can see your face. You want them to feel a connection when they see your photo, just like they would in real life.
  • Avoid full-body photos for a profile picture. You can still include some full-body shots on your profile, but the featured photo should mostly show your face and upper body. That is what will resonate best with people scrolling by.
  • Wear an eye-catching color. This profile photo is an advertisement, and bland colors don’t grab people’s attention. Wear a shirt that’s going to make your profile pic stand out in the scroll.
  • Let your eyes shine. Do not wear sunglasses in your online dating photo. If you wear glasses, make sure there isn’t a glare on them. You may need to tilt your head down or change the angle of the lighting to eliminate glare.
  • Be yourself! This is your dating profile. Do whatever makes you feel confident. That is what people will connect with more than anything else.

You could take these pictures yourself or have a friend take them for you. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries to find the right angle and positioning. Play around with different looks until you find the one that best represents who you are.

How Often Should I Change My Profile Photo?

It wouldn’t hurt to change your profile photo once per quarter. This gives you a chance to post pictures in different weather and prevents your profile from going stale. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough interactions online, a new profile pic may work in your favor. At a minimum, you should probably change your picture at least once a year.

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