Is International Dating Safe?

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Any dating experience can feel intimidating, whether you’re meeting someone in person or texting a stranger from another country. The right approach can help you feel more comfortable in the moment. We’ve seen international dating work time and time again, and we’re confident it can work for you. Check out these tips to stay safe dating someone from another country.

International Dating Is Safe with the Right Precautions

There isn’t a simple answer to the question, “Is international dating safe?” It certainly can be, but there are people in the world with negative experiences. You’re bound to match with someone you’re not the biggest fan of, but you can take certain precautions to protect yourself along the way. We recommend taking these precautions even if you’re dating someone local.

Safety Tips for International Dating

The safety tips below will help you avoid negative experiences and feel confident dating internationally.

Never Give Your Credit Card Info to Someone You’ve Never Met

Scammers find creative ways to collect people’s personal information. They will go as far as to form a “relationship” with someone online to gain their trust and steal their money/identity. Be leery of anyone who asks for money or credit card information, no matter how long you’ve been talking to them. They may say they’re buying a plane ticket to see you or struggling to pay their bills. Proceed with extreme caution.

Schedule Video Calls to Reduce the Risk of Catfishing

If someone refuses to speak to you on video, that may be a red flag. It is much easier for scammers to protect their identity when communicating through text or phone calls. There are ways to edit video calls as well, but those calls are harder to manipulate. A video chat will create the feeling of talking to the other person in person, which can help you decide how you truly feel about them.

Plan a Meeting Before You Plan a Move

You meet someone online and fall in love. That may tempt you to immediately move to another country. Before you plan that big move, plan a trip to test out the relationship. Dating someone in person is much different than dating over the phone or online. Make sure you’re completely ready for that adventure before you rearrange your life.

Meet in a Public Place and Bring Your Own Transportation

When the day comes to meet the other person, choose a neutral setting for your first encounter. Secure your own transportation, so you can leave at any time if the date does not go well. Wear a brightly-colored shirt to make yourself visible in a crowd, just in case the person tries to lead you astray. Avoid going home with the person on the first meeting, and save that experience for a future date.

Let a Close Friend Know Where You Are at All Times

Stay in contact with a close friend when you’re in an unfamiliar location. You may want to set location alerts on your phone or text each other at specific times. Let that person know where you are at all times, so they can alert the authorities if something goes wrong. It’s OK to be overly cautious.

Trust Your Gut When Something Feels Wrong

At the end of the day, there is no replacement for gut instincts. If something feels “off” about the person, trust your intuition. Maintain a safe distance to protect yourself and your heart.

Use a Trusted International Dating Site

The site you use will play a big role in how safe your international dating experience is. Meet Hong Kong Singles uses advanced techniques to rule out potential scammers as much as possible. Follow the tips above to protect yourself along the way, and be careful where you create your profile. We wish you all the best in your upcoming dating adventure!

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