Online Dating Conversation Examples

Woman on Phone for Online Dating

Do you struggle to talk to new people online? Do you feel shy when you connect with someone on dating apps? Perhaps all you need are some online dating conversation examples to boost your confidence! Check out these proven conversation tips from Meet Hong Kong Singles.

How to Say Hi to Someone New Online

Personalization is the key to starting conversations online. A basic message like, “How are you doing?” may not generate a response. Try something more personalized, like, “Hello. Your profile mentioned that you were learning sign language. I’ve always wanted to learn as well. How long have you been practicing?” This shows that you’ve already taken a bit to get to know the person.

People like to talk about themselves. If you engage with their interests, they feel important and recognized. Take the time to look through the other person’s profile and learn a bit about their lives. Then send an introductory message that acknowledges something meaningful to them. 

How to Phrase Questions to Spark Full Conversations

One of our most successful online dating conversation tips revolves around how to phrase questions. If you want to maintain a conversation with someone online, use open-ended questions instead of yes-or-no questions. For example, instead of asking if the person likes to read, you may say, “I’m an avid reader. Do you like reading? If so, what are your favorite types of books to read?” This creates the foundation for a common interest, and you can use that to build future conversations.

Icebreaker Questions for Online Dating

Icebreaker questions are designed to get to know someone you’ve never met before. You may have experienced this in a new class or work setting. The phrase “break the ice” was once used to describe boats breaking the ice as they passed through the water, but now it defines tactics used to break the awkward tension in a new experience.

We have a comprehensive list of Conversation Starters for Online Dating that you can pull from as you meet new people. Here are some examples of icebreaker questions that work well for international daters:

  • What movie or show could you watch repeatedly and never get bored?
  • What is the biggest goal you’re working toward right now?
  • What is your favorite way to relax or unwind after a hard day?
  • If money and time were no object, where would you like to travel?
  • What’s something about you that sounds like a lie but is completely true? Example: I’ve never eaten sushi.
  • Who is the most inspiring person in your life and why?
  • What is your go-to song or music genre to sing in the car/shower?
  • What was your dream career as a child?
  • Which three items in your home could you not live without?
  • What is the most extreme thing you’ve ever done in your life?
  • What is the worst advice someone has ever given you?

These are some ideas to get you thinking, but feel free to run wild with your imagination! Avoid questions that start with “do” because those tend to yield short answers. You want the other person to elaborate so you can ask additional questions or provide your own input.

Customize These Online Dating Conversation Examples to Fit Each Person

Some people are more reserved than others when it comes to dating online. You may need to start small and work up to more serious questions. It’s generally not a good idea to discuss religion or politics in the first conversation. Keep those polarizing conversations for a later date when you both feel more comfortable with one another.

Check out our Ultimate Online Dating Guide for more tips on how to have a successful conversation online. Meet Hong Kong Singles has a diverse community of singles from around the world, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Sign up today to meet international singles online.