What to Do When Online Dating Isn’t Working

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Do you feel like online dating is a waste of time? Do you struggle to make meaningful connections on the internet? Virtual dating isn’t for everyone, but you may be able to adjust your efforts to get better results. Check out these tips to learn what to do when online dating isn’t working.

Adjust Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile is your first impression. Studies show that visitors take less than three seconds to find what they’re looking for on a page and make a judgment call. If your profile is stale, generic, and unappealing, people will click away fast.

Take new profile pictures and refresh your bio. Think about what you look at on other people’s pages, and review your profile from that perspective. Check out How to Create the Ultimate Online Dating Profile for more tips on how to improve your engagement levels.

Re-Evaluate What You’re Looking for

Have you narrowed your search too far? Have you denied possible options before giving them a fair chance? These are common reasons singles struggle with online dating. They limit their dating pool too much and eliminate potentially good matches.

For example, you may have it set in your mind to only date people younger than you. What if the perfect match was merely one year older? Should that be a dealbreaker?

Think carefully about what would make or break a relationship for you. Open your mind to more possibilities, and you might be surprised by the connections you form.

Switch to a Dating Site That Better Aligns with Your Goals

Perhaps the issue is not your profile or pickiness but rather the dating site you’re using. Some dating sites are geared toward working professionals, while others focus on college students. Some create an environment for long-term relationships, and others attract singles who want short flings.

Be strategic with your platform selection. Do not choose an exclusively local dating app if you’re open to international dating. Do not get on a hookup site hoping to find romance and love. MeetHongKongSingles.com offers a positive environment for international dating and meaningful relationships. If that sounds like a good fit for you, sign up today to meet like-minded singles around the world.

Read through Old Conversations – What Could You Have Done Better?

It’s time for some self-reflection. You may notice patterns in your online dating conversations. Things start off great for the first few days, but they die off after a certain point.

What could you do to keep the conversations moving forward in the future? Are you asking open-ended questions that spark meaningful discussions? Are you discussing politics or religion too early? Did you make the conversations mostly about yourself, or did you leave room for the other person to speak? Use the past to redirect your actions moving forward.

Plan Dates Sooner Rather Than Later (Virtual or In-Person)

Conversations can get misconstrued online. It is difficult to understand sarcasm, playful banter, and tone when you’re reading words on a screen. Try to set up a date as early as possible. This includes virtual dates and video calls if you’re dating long-distance. Speaking in person will give you a better chance at making a connection when online dating isn’t working.

Don’t Get Too Discouraged

Any successful couple will tell you, “it will happen when it’s meant to happen,” or “love comes when you least expect it.” We’ve seen it time and time again here at Meet Hong Kong Singles. Do not let today’s frustrations stop you from finding tomorrow’s happiness.