Pro Tips for Dating Hong Kong Women

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Want to date a Hong Kong woman? Not sure where to start or how to approach with respect? Meet Hong Kong Singles was founded to bring international singles together. We want to connect men and women from Hong Kong with single professionals from all around the world. Check out these tips for dating Hong Kong women to start your journey for love.

Ask about Their Interests and Actively Engage in Conversation

Hong Kong women want to be valued for their mind, not just their appearance. They’re beautiful. There is no denying that. But you shouldn’t make that a focus of conversation. Instead, inquire about her interests and ask engaging questions. Show that you want to get to know her and that you respect her passions.

Present Yourself in a Tidy, Put-Together Manner

Tidiness is crucial for dating Hong Kong women. Whether you’re having a video chat or dating in person, make yourself look presentable. Avoid wearing anything wrinkled or stained. If you’re on a video chat, make sure you have a clean background. Hong Kong women don’t want to see their partners as an extra chore to tackle. They want men who take care of themselves.

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Know What You Want for the Future (Specifically Regarding Your Career)

Most women in Hong Kong don’t start dating until their mid-twenties. Dating is frowned upon in school, and women want to establish their careers before they start a family. Hong Kong is an affluent, career-focused community. The median monthly income in Hong Kong is $18,400, compared to $6,228 per month in the U.S.

Because of this, most single Hong Kong women already have a vision for their future. They expect their partner to have the same. You don’t have to be a millionaire or fit a certain income bracket, but you should have attainable goals and aspirations.

If you’re not sure what you want for your future, take some time to figure that out. Determine what you want for your career, and take steps toward that goal. This will show your potential partner that you can add value to their lives, much like they will add value to yours.

Don’t Expect Rapid Responses

As we indicated above, Hong Kong women are career-oriented. They may not have extra time in the day for long conversations. If you’re chatting online, don’t expect quick responses. There may be times when you both happen to be free, but if not, you’ll just have to work the conversations around your separately busy days.

Plan a Casual First Date That Encourages Good Conversation

In an interview with Tofu Time, multiple Hong Kong women said that their ideal first date would be a casual dinner with good conversation. They said that fast food would be too informal, but they also wouldn’t want a formal dinner where they felt stiff. If you’re planning an in-person date with a Hong Kong woman, keep that in mind.

Keep Physical Touch to a Minimum at First

Physical touch is almost non-existent before dating, and it’s slow to progress in the early stages. Respect your date’s boundaries and take things slow. You may get to a hugging stage, then holding hands, then finally a first kiss. The focus should initially be more on getting to know her, instead of making a physical connection.

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Because of the busy lifestyles most Hong Kong singles have, they utilize online dating as a gateway for relationships. This is an ideal way to meet a Hong Kong woman to date, and it gives you a chance to learn about them before reaching out. Meet Hong Kong Singles created the Ultimate Online Dating Guide to help you navigate this journey. Check out those 50 tips, as well as the expert-written dating guides on our Hong Kong dating blog.