What to Expect Dating Someone from Hong Kong

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You’ve been immersed in a certain dating culture for most of your adult life, and you likely know what to expect with local singles. What happens when you decide to date someone outside of your area though? How might that change your dating encounters?

Read on to learn what to expect dating someone from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dating Values: What HK Singles Want from a Relationship

In Hong Kong, most adults date with the intention of finding a life partner. The relationships may start as casual friendships, but the main goal of Hong Kong dating is to find a compatible person to marry.

Of course, every person has their own goals and desires when it comes to dating. Some singles may have recently ended a long-term relationship, so they want to ease into something new. Others may know what they want, and they’re not wasting any time pursuing it.

As a whole, adults who date in Hong Kong have already established their careers, or they’re working toward select career goals. They want to date people who can potentially add value to their stable lives. “Dating around” is not common, nor is intimacy early on. If you’re dating someone from Hong Kong, you may want to prepare for slow progress that’s not driven by physical affection at first.

What to Expect on the First Date

Hong Kong singles enjoy having a casual dinner for a first date. They want to meet somewhere they can feel comfortable having a conversation and getting to know one another. This doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant, but it should be somewhere more high-end than fast food. A movie outing could also be fun, but it doesn’t allow for as much conversation.

Your date will likely wear something clean and tidy, and they’ll expect you to do the same. Avoid wearing anything wrinkled or stained that my make you look unkempt. There likely will not be physical interactions during this date, other than a hug or handshake for hello/goodbye. If the night goes well, you can arrange for a second date to continue getting to know that person.

The Dating to Marriage Timeline in Hong Kong

The timeline from dating to marriage in Hong Kong varies considerably by couple. For the most part, courtship is a gradual process in Hong Kong, meaning that adults do not rush quickly into marriage. The average age for a woman getting married in Hong Kong is 30.4 years old, but there are marriages far and wide across the age spectrum.

It may take several dates for a couple to become serious, and then it may take months or even years before they decide to get married. However, most Hong Kong singles are interested in monogamous relationships, even if marriage doesn’t happen right away.

What Not to Do When Dating Someone from Hong Kong

Whether you just started dating someone from Hong Kong or it’s something you’re looking into for the future, focus on being attentive and engaging. Ask about their goals, experiences and passions. Get invested in what they like to do and why they like to do it. While it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about yourself, avoid consuming the entire conversation. There should be a good balance within the relationship.

Do not push physical boundaries without permission. This is highly frowned upon in Hong Kong dating culture. Most singles will want to take things slow, and you should respect whatever pace your partner decides to use.

If you’re from the U.S., Great Britain, or similar countries, you may be used to dating singles who are forward and outspoken. Dating someone from Hong Kong is quite the opposite. Hong Kong singles tend to be more reserved and shy, so you may find yourself making the first move. Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation, as long as it is polite and respectful.

How to Meet Hong Kong Singles

Because every person is unique, every dating experience is also unique. The key is to find someone who aligns with your personality, lifestyle and future goals. Meet Hong Kong Singles was designed to connect adults in Hong Kong with those from other countries in the hopes of forming healthy, long-lasting relationships. If you’re ready to start dating someone from Hong Kong, create a profile here on MeetHongKongSingles.com. Check the upper righthand corner of the home page to get started!