How Does Dating in Hong Kong Compare to Dating in the U.S.?

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The Hong Kong dating scene and the U.S. dating scene have some overlaps, but they are drastically different in many ways. Whether you’re dating someone from Hong Kong or you live in Hong Kong and want to explore international dating, there are some key comparisons to be aware of. Let’s explore how dating in Hong Kong compares to dating in the U.S.

Hong Kong Dating Scene at a Glance

Hong Kong singles tend to be reserved, conservative and career-driven. The dating scene reflects that. Most partners connect through their overlapping social circles. The larger the circle, the bigger your options are.

If someone from Hong Kong wants to “hit the bar,” they’re likely going to the LKF district. Americans are used to having bars and clubs scattered in every town, but the dating scene in Hong Kong isn’t like that. There are ample restaurants and outdoor areas for casual conversations, but the bar scene is mostly centralized.

Dating is typically frowned upon in high school, so most Hong Kong singles don’t date until their university years. Many wait until they’ve completed their education, which means they won’t start dating until their mid-20s. Hong Kong women and men tend to be financially stable before they date, and they date with the intention of marriage. This isn’t the case for every HK single, but it does represent the general dating scene.

U.S. Dating Scene at a Glance

The U.S. dating scene is vastly different than the dating in Hong Kong. Many Americans date in their teen years and may cycle through several partners before finding “the one.” Casual hookups are more common in the U.S., but not all Americans are looking for that kind of relationship.

Bars and clubs are readily available in the U.S., and Americans have a bolder approach to meeting new people. While there are those who date within their social circle, extroverted Americans have no issue approaching a stranger at a bar to talk.

Similarities between Dating in Hong Kong and Dating in the U.S.

Career-driven adults from both areas tend to date for marriage. They’re looking for a partner that can add value to their life and has similar goals. This mindset doesn’t develop until at least the late 20s, but there are tons of singles in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond in both regions.

Americans and Hong Kong singles both report frustrations with dating. They struggle to find people who align with their lifestyles, or they get discouraged after multiple failed dating attempts. Older singles may come across as jaded when they enter a new relationship, but it doesn’t take long to peel back the layers and overcome that first hurdle.

Online Dating Bridges the Gap

The beauty of online dating is that it creates a neutral territory. Influences from the Hong Kong dating scene and U.S. dating environment disappear on the internet. Singles can interact on their own time and narrow down what they’re looking for in a partner. These opportunities will only grow with time.

A survey from 2020 showed that 55% of Hong Kong adults between the ages of 25 and 34 used online dating sites/apps to connect with people. That number continues to grow as technology improves and Hong Kong singles find value in online interactions. Approximately 48% of Americans between 18 and 29 use dating sites, and 12% of all adult age groups say they’ve found someone to marry through online dating.

Whether you’re newly single or dating for the first time, you can connect with like-minded singles.