Are Online Dating Sites Safe?

Most people are told not to talk to strangers in their formative years. Online dating requires you to work against that logic and make yourself vulnerable to people you do not know. This begs an important question: are online dating sites safe?

Some Dating Sites Are Safe, But Not All

Many dating sites put protocols in place to protect their users. However, issues can arise no matter what platform you use. Approximately 24,000 people fall prey to dating and romance scams online each year.

Do not let this discourage you from dating online. You can establish meaningful connections if you practice property safety protocols. Check out the next section to learn how to safeguard yourself online.

Proven Safety Tips for Online Dating

The safety tips below can help you weed out scammers and protect your personal information, whether you’re using a dating site or mobile app.

1 – Do Not Give out Personal Identification Information

Do not give out any personal or financial information online, such as your Social Security Number, credit card information, or passport details. Keep your address and phone number secret, if possible, and think carefully before providing your social media information.  

2 – Use Unique Photos for Your Online Dating Profiles

It is simple for someone to conduct a reverse image search of your profile pictures to look for social media accounts. Protect your identity by using unique photos for online dating profiles that you do not use elsewhere. Do not hide your profile photo because that will drastically limit your matches. Instead, choose specific photos for dating profiles that are not cross-posted anywhere else.

3 – Avoid Communication with Suspicious Profiles

If a profile has no photo and barely any information on it, you should be skeptical. Does the bio look like it was written by a person or a bot? If there is a profile picture, does it look like a real person or a stock image from a website? Be leery about these kinds of profiles as they may be scammers in disguise.

4 – Trust Your Gut If You Get a Bad Feeling

Do not underestimate your own feelings. If something feels wrong about the situation, trust your gut. You have no obligation to continue a conversation with someone who makes you feel unsafe.

5 – Do Not Feel Pressured to Send or Receive Money

Financial discussions should be a red flag for you. This includes offers to send you money through PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, and other platforms. Do not send money to someone else for a train ticket, phone bill, rent, or anything else. Those stories are likely fake, and if they’re real, they’re not your responsibility. Assume that anyone trying to send you money or receive money from you is a scammer.

6 – Block and Report Suspicious Users

Report any profile you think may be a scammer or catfish. Dating sites often have thousands of users, and it is difficult for administrators to assess every profile. Your report goes a long way in keeping unsafe people off the site.

7 – Choose a Public Meeting Place for Your First In-Person Date

When you’re ready to meet for the first time, select a neutral place in public. This may be a restaurant or a park with lots of lighting and foot traffic. Tell a friend where you are going, and provide your own transportation to the date. You want to have an easy way to get out of the date if you feel uncomfortable.

Consider turning on your phone’s location services and sharing your location with someone you trust. Schedule check-in calls or texts to verify that you are safe. These extra precautions will provide peace of mind as you explore this next chapter of your life.

Safety Is a Top Priority for Meet Hong Kong Singles

Your safety is extremely important on this platform. We do everything in our power to remove suspicious or fraudulent accounts to protect our users and visitors. We want you to enjoy a safe environment where you feel comfortable engaging with other singles. Take precautions to reduce your risks, and you can have a great time here at Meet Hong Kong Singles.

How to Get a Girlfriend in a Foreign Country

Are you interested in dating someone internationally but don’t know where to start? Have you had a hard time in the past forming relationships in other countries? Dating in an unfamiliar place can feel challenging, but there are some skills you can develop to make the process a bit easier. Check out this guide to learn how to get a girlfriend in a foreign country.

Use Online Dating Sites to Meet Singles in Foreign Countries

Perhaps the easiest way to start a relationship in a foreign country is to take advantage of online dating sites. This provides a curated list of singles who are also looking to date. You do not have to worry about meeting a large volume of people who may or may not want to date. You know you’re speaking to someone who has a similar lifetime goal as you.

If you have a specific country that you want to date in, you may search for dating sites for that specific region. As you may guess by the title of our site, Meet Hong Kong Singles was founded as a way to help men and women from Hong Kong connect with singles throughout the world. If you live in the United States and want to date people from Latin America, you may look for sites that target that region.

Meet Hong Kong Singles has a diverse network of single adults from around the world. We have users from Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Australia, multiple European countries, and many regions in Asia. Many of our users start their dating adventure aiming to meet people from a specific country only to discover connections in other parts of the world. You may be surprised by where your journey takes you!

Spend Time Learning about the Country and Culture

It is always a good idea to learn about other cultures if you want to connect with people from there. For example, if you want to date singles from HK, you may familiarize yourself with the Hong Kong Dating Scene. Learn about customs, lifestyles, religion, food, and family life in those areas so you can establish a meaningful connection with the person you’re dating. They will appreciate the effort, and you will have a better chance of maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

Work Your Way from Friendship to Relationship

Dating someone from another country may require a slower pace than in-person dating. You may have language barriers to overcome, or it may take longer to get to know one another. Plan to start out as friends and progress into a relationship. Even if the person on the other side is looking for a long-term commitment, they will likely want to start as friends.

Set up Online Meetings until You Can Meet in Person

It may not be easy for either of you to travel for a first date. Thus, you may have to create online date experiences until you can meet up in person. Set up a video call where you eat a meal together, or plan a movie night where you stream a movie at the same time. Make the most of technology until you can meet each other in person.

Remain Honest and Authentic No Matter What

This tip applies whether you’re trying to get a girlfriend in a foreign country or date someone from down the street. Do not lie to impress people or pretend to be someone you’re not. You want your girlfriend to like you for exactly who you are! Stay true to yourself to maximize your chance of finding love.

What to Do When Online Dating Isn’t Working

Do you feel like online dating is a waste of time? Do you struggle to make meaningful connections on the internet? Virtual dating isn’t for everyone, but you may be able to adjust your efforts to get better results. Check out these tips to learn what to do when online dating isn’t working.

Adjust Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile is your first impression. Studies show that visitors take less than three seconds to find what they’re looking for on a page and make a judgment call. If your profile is stale, generic, and unappealing, people will click away fast.

Take new profile pictures and refresh your bio. Think about what you look at on other people’s pages, and review your profile from that perspective. Check out How to Create the Ultimate Online Dating Profile for more tips on how to improve your engagement levels.

Re-Evaluate What You’re Looking for

Have you narrowed your search too far? Have you denied possible options before giving them a fair chance? These are common reasons singles struggle with online dating. They limit their dating pool too much and eliminate potentially good matches.

For example, you may have it set in your mind to only date people younger than you. What if the perfect match was merely one year older? Should that be a dealbreaker?

Think carefully about what would make or break a relationship for you. Open your mind to more possibilities, and you might be surprised by the connections you form.

Switch to a Dating Site That Better Aligns with Your Goals

Perhaps the issue is not your profile or pickiness but rather the dating site you’re using. Some dating sites are geared toward working professionals, while others focus on college students. Some create an environment for long-term relationships, and others attract singles who want short flings.

Be strategic with your platform selection. Do not choose an exclusively local dating app if you’re open to international dating. Do not get on a hookup site hoping to find romance and love. offers a positive environment for international dating and meaningful relationships. If that sounds like a good fit for you, sign up today to meet like-minded singles around the world.

Read through Old Conversations – What Could You Have Done Better?

It’s time for some self-reflection. You may notice patterns in your online dating conversations. Things start off great for the first few days, but they die off after a certain point.

What could you do to keep the conversations moving forward in the future? Are you asking open-ended questions that spark meaningful discussions? Are you discussing politics or religion too early? Did you make the conversations mostly about yourself, or did you leave room for the other person to speak? Use the past to redirect your actions moving forward.

Plan Dates Sooner Rather Than Later (Virtual or In-Person)

Conversations can get misconstrued online. It is difficult to understand sarcasm, playful banter, and tone when you’re reading words on a screen. Try to set up a date as early as possible. This includes virtual dates and video calls if you’re dating long-distance. Speaking in person will give you a better chance at making a connection when online dating isn’t working.

Don’t Get Too Discouraged

Any successful couple will tell you, “it will happen when it’s meant to happen,” or “love comes when you least expect it.” We’ve seen it time and time again here at Meet Hong Kong Singles. Do not let today’s frustrations stop you from finding tomorrow’s happiness.

Online Dating Conversation Examples

Do you struggle to talk to new people online? Do you feel shy when you connect with someone on dating apps? Perhaps all you need are some online dating conversation examples to boost your confidence! Check out these proven conversation tips from Meet Hong Kong Singles.

How to Say Hi to Someone New Online

Personalization is the key to starting conversations online. A basic message like, “How are you doing?” may not generate a response. Try something more personalized, like, “Hello. Your profile mentioned that you were learning sign language. I’ve always wanted to learn as well. How long have you been practicing?” This shows that you’ve already taken a bit to get to know the person.

People like to talk about themselves. If you engage with their interests, they feel important and recognized. Take the time to look through the other person’s profile and learn a bit about their lives. Then send an introductory message that acknowledges something meaningful to them. 

How to Phrase Questions to Spark Full Conversations

One of our most successful online dating conversation tips revolves around how to phrase questions. If you want to maintain a conversation with someone online, use open-ended questions instead of yes-or-no questions. For example, instead of asking if the person likes to read, you may say, “I’m an avid reader. Do you like reading? If so, what are your favorite types of books to read?” This creates the foundation for a common interest, and you can use that to build future conversations.

Icebreaker Questions for Online Dating

Icebreaker questions are designed to get to know someone you’ve never met before. You may have experienced this in a new class or work setting. The phrase “break the ice” was once used to describe boats breaking the ice as they passed through the water, but now it defines tactics used to break the awkward tension in a new experience.

We have a comprehensive list of Conversation Starters for Online Dating that you can pull from as you meet new people. Here are some examples of icebreaker questions that work well for international daters:

  • What movie or show could you watch repeatedly and never get bored?
  • What is the biggest goal you’re working toward right now?
  • What is your favorite way to relax or unwind after a hard day?
  • If money and time were no object, where would you like to travel?
  • What’s something about you that sounds like a lie but is completely true? Example: I’ve never eaten sushi.
  • Who is the most inspiring person in your life and why?
  • What is your go-to song or music genre to sing in the car/shower?
  • What was your dream career as a child?
  • Which three items in your home could you not live without?
  • What is the most extreme thing you’ve ever done in your life?
  • What is the worst advice someone has ever given you?

These are some ideas to get you thinking, but feel free to run wild with your imagination! Avoid questions that start with “do” because those tend to yield short answers. You want the other person to elaborate so you can ask additional questions or provide your own input.

Customize These Online Dating Conversation Examples to Fit Each Person

Some people are more reserved than others when it comes to dating online. You may need to start small and work up to more serious questions. It’s generally not a good idea to discuss religion or politics in the first conversation. Keep those polarizing conversations for a later date when you both feel more comfortable with one another.

Check out our Ultimate Online Dating Guide for more tips on how to have a successful conversation online. Meet Hong Kong Singles has a diverse community of singles from around the world, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Sign up today to meet international singles online.

Dating 101: Conversation Starters with a Girl Online

Talking to a new person online is tough. It requires a touch of vulnerability combined with a leap of faith. We can’t eliminate this struggle completely, but we can equip you for it. Check out these conversation starters with a girl online to make new experiences easier to navigate.

Who Should Start the Conversation – You or Her?

With online dating, there are no rules regarding who should reach out first. Some apps and dating sites only allow women to initiate the conversation, but most allow anyone to make contact.

We recommend reaching out to anyone you are interested in. If you wait for them to contact you, you’re taking a chance on them seeing your profile. They may never notice you and, thus, never contact you. They may not respond when you reach out, but at least this approach guarantees you have a chance.

How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl Online

Your initial introduction doesn’t have to be extravagant. You could simply say, “Hi, I’m {name}. How are you doing today?”

If you want to take it one step further, you could personalize your introductory message. Example: “Hello. I noticed that you like anime. What is your favorite? I’m currently five seasons into One Piece, and I love it!” This shows her that you took the time to read her profile, and it establishes a potential common ground.

You don’t have to tell your life story or explain why you’re on a dating site. Keep the conversation casual at first and see where it goes.

25 Catchy Conversation Starters with a Girl Online

Once you get past the initial introduction, you can use catchy conversation starters to spark meaningful conversations online. Here are some examples you can mold to fit your needs:

  1. What is your favorite way to waste time or procrastinate?
  2. What was your biggest accomplishment over the last two years?
  3. What is your longest friendship, and how have you maintained it all these years?
  4. If you had an introduction song about your life, what would it be and why?
  5. What person or event has had the biggest influence on your life?
  6. What activity are you looking to make more time for in the future?
  7. What is your go-to guilty pleasure?
  8. Name an interesting fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t believe is true.
  9. What’s something that you find annoying but most people don’t have a problem with?
  10. Would the child version of you be surprised by how your life turned out? If so, in what ways?
  11. What is your silliest fear?
  12. What is your favorite room in your house, and what makes it so special?
  13. Would you rather go for a long drive, spend a night soaking in the bathtub, or watch your favorite TV show on the couch?
  14. Name a useless or unexpected talent you have.
  15. What was the best gift you’ve ever received?
  16. What TV or movie character do you relate to the most?
  17. What is the last book that you read? Did you love it or hate it?
  18. What music album could you listen to on repeat and never get bored?
  19. Which app on your phone do you use the most?
  20. Which three possessions could you never live without?
  21. What goal are you actively working toward right now?
  22. What was the worst dating experience you’ve had so far?
  23. What would you do if you had one week off but had to stay home?
  24. What is the worst joke you’ve ever heard?
  25. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If so, describe them.

Feel free to come up with your own conversation starters with a girl online. Each girl is unique. Adjust your approach to fit the person, and don’t get discouraged if someone doesn’t respond well. Only some people will like your conversation starters, but those that do could turn into long-term connections!

What Not to Say to a Girl Online

Do not start a conversation with an insult or polarizing statement. Avoid discussions about religion, politics, or family values until you get to know each other more. Maintain a positive tone to avoid unintentionally offending girls online. You can use this positive foundation to work through tougher conversations in the future.

How to Write an Attention-Getting Singles Profile

Have you had minimal luck with dating apps in the past? Are you looking to engage with other singles and start a serious relationship? A compelling dating profile can lay the foundation for your future success.

This guide explains how to write a singles profile that catches people’s attention and generates the best options for you.

Identify What Makes You Unique

Every person has unique selling points – those attributes that make them stand out from everyone else. You may think you’re “just an ordinary adult,” but you have plenty of special features. Keep those features in focus as you write your singles profile.

Here are some examples of unique traits to promote:

  • Avid reading, puzzling, crafting, or other hobbies
  • Musical talents, such as singing or playing instruments
  • Specialized knowledge in a niche subject, like horticulture or scuba diving
  • Volunteer efforts and philanthropic passions
  • Fun facts about your family, height, name, or heritage
  • Goals that you’re actively working on

Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments! These are the elements on your dating profile that will make other people interested in engaging with you.

Use a Closeup Photo for Your Main Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. What you write on a singles profile will mean nothing if people do not click on it. For these reasons, we firmly recommend using a public photo for online dating. It should be a closeup of your face; save the body photos for other parts of your profile.

Avoid over-editing your profile photos. A study revealed that 41% of online daters consider over-edited pictures to be a top turnoff on dating apps. Take good smiling photos in natural lighting, preferably with your eyes visible. Smile or smirk playfully at the camera, and change out your profile picture every few months to keep it fresh.  

Maintain a Positive Tone with Your Singles Profile

Every person has likes and dislikes. As you write your singles profile, keep the “likes” in mind. We cannot tell you how many times we’ve seen profiles with lines like “I hate people who do XYZ” or “I won’t date someone who believes in XYZ.” Those negative statements are huge turnoffs.

Instead of saying what you hate, don’t like, wouldn’t do, etc., highlight what you do like. “I love talking to people who enjoy XYZ,” or “I am passionate about XYZ.” Types of phrases will generate a much better response online.

Keep Your Options Open

Far too many people limit their options online because it’s easy to do. You can narrow your dating pool with a click of a button, but that doesn’t mean you should. We encourage you to keep an open mind because the vision you have in your head may not adequately represent the perfect person for you. Avoid statements on your profile that may alienate certain groups of people.

Write a Singles Profile That Is Concise Yet Captivating

The one drawback about online dating is that people have short attention spans. They scroll quickly through a profile and cast judgment about what they see. Your singles profile should be short and sweet. Put the most important information at the top of the profile, and eliminate excess wordiness.

If you need extra space to tell your story, break it up into paragraphs for easy skimming. You want to grab people’s attention and keep them moving throughout your profile. Those actions spark conversations.

Adjust Your Singles Profile Periodically

When is the last time you updated your dating bio or profile picture? If it has been more than a couple of months, it may be time for a refresh. You can also adjust your dating profile if you do not think you’re getting the responses you should. Ask friends or family members to review your profile and provide feedback on what they like/don’t like. Then tweak your profile as needed.

Respond When You Do Catch Someone’s Attention

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! If you successfully write a singles profile that catches people’s attention, follow up with the messages you receive. Ignoring messages is a common reason why people struggle to date online. The initial small talk can feel exhausting, but it’s a necessary step in the journey. Once the conversation starts flowing, you’ll be happy you invested the time to create an engaging dating profile.

Check out the Meet Hong Kong Singles Blog for more online dating tips, or join our international dating community.

What to Expect Dating Hong Kong Guys

Hong Kong guys tend to have drastically different personalities than Hong Kong women. They are raised in similar environments but have differing perspectives on the world around them. This can affect your experience in the HK dating scene. Read on to learn what to expect dating Hong Kong guys.

Many Hong Kong Guys Are Extroverts

Asian men are considered introverted, which is the case for many regions. Hong Kong men typically have more extroverted personalities because of the hustle and bustle of their environment. They live in a fast-paced, lucrative society. A bold personality pays off in that setting. You can find plenty of shy men in Hong Kong, but you may be surprised by how confident some Hong Kong guys are.

Hong Kong Men May Seem Materialistic at First

Hong Kong is renowned for its financial opportunities. Many ex-pats move to Hong Kong because of its thriving business adventures. Being money-driven and career-focused can be misinterpreted as arrogance or materialism. Try not to let that influence you too much. You can find a heart of gold lying beneath the surface.

Schedules Can Get Tricky When Dating Hong Kong Guys

Hong Kong is a lively city in constant motion. Many Hong Kong guys have rigorous work schedules, which makes dating difficult. Do not be surprised if you go hours without a reply or it takes a while to set up your first date. You’ll have this experience dating single professionals in any country, but the wait is worth the results.

You Need to Be as Confident as They Are

Hong Kong singles like dating people who add value to their lives. They usually do not date until their college years or after they graduate. They have established careers that fulfill them. They want to date people who add to that.

This is a situation where you need to “match energies” with the person you’re dating. You do not have to pretend to be an extrovert, but you should feel confident about what you bring to the table. You have plenty to offer, and that person is lucky to interact with you. Be as sure of yourself as they are of themselves.

Hong Kongers Value Meaningful Conversations

Because Hong Kong singles have busy lives, they tend to reject small talk. They spend their days chatting with other professionals on a superficial level. They want something more out of their dating experience.

You can start with some simple icebreaker questions, but don’t be afraid to shift into deep conversation. This is when you will form genuine connections and determine if you want to pursue a long-term relationship with the other person. Check out our Online Dating Conversation Tips to learn more.

Hong Kong Guys Like to Date Online

According to a recent survey, 51% of Hong Kongers between 25 and 34 years old have used mobile or online dating sites. Online dating offers a convenient way to engage with other singles despite a busy schedule. It also provides a wider dating pool and ways to meet new people.

Many Hong Kong guys will say that they’re used to dating within their social circles. Those circles only go so far, and there’s no guarantee that the people you interact with are interested in a relationship. You can get those assurances through online dating, and you can meet multiple singles simultaneously.

If you’re interested in dating Hong Kong guys, check out Meet Hong Kong Singles. We have a growing network of international daters who are actively looking for love!

Where to Meet Educated Singles

You spent years in school mastering your unique interests. You rigorously filled your mind with knowledge, and now you want a partner who shares your passions.

Where do intellectuals go to date? Where can you meet like-minded scholars who yearn for information? The answers may surprise you. Read on to learn where to meet educated singles in the modern world.

Why Traditional Dating Isn’t Ideal for Educated Singles

Educated singles tend to have strong career paths, and the traditional dating scene doesn’t accommodate busy schedules. Your chances of meeting someone at a bar or having time for a singles mixer are almost non-existent when your free time is at 9:00 AM on a Tuesday.

Making time for dating is incredibly tricky when you have a high-stakes job. The balance is even more challenging if you’re still in school or pursuing continued education.

But don’t fret yet. You can meet single professionals and find a partner who aligns with your goals. All you need is a flexible solution that can accommodate your lifestyle.

The Internet Is the Perfect Place to Meet Educated Singles

Online dating has been around since the mid-1990s but skyrocketed in popularity after the pandemic. Everyone was locked at home, bored out of their minds, and longing for connections with others.

Online dating is perfect for meeting educated singles because it maximizes flexibility. With online dating, you can reach out to singles when you get a few free minutes, and they can respond on their time. Your subsequent response can happen in your next chunk of free time, and the cycle continues.

Dating sites also allow you to reach a wider pool of singles, all while narrowing down your options. You can hand-pick partners who reciprocate your dedication to academics and weed out the ones with opposing lifestyles.  

If you’ve struggled with online dating in the past, here are a few resources to improve your experience:

Have You Tried International Online Dating?

Educated singles thrive with international dating. You get to interact with people from entirely different cultures and meet singles struggling to date, just like you are.

We see tons of success with international dating here at Meet Hong Kong Singles. The Hong Kong dating scene mostly consists of educated, career-driven adults with small social circles. Most Hong Kong adults have post-secondary educations or extensive certifications in their career fields. Their work determines their free time, which makes dating challenging. International online dating provides a tapestry of opportunities for both you and them.  

Other Places to Meet Educated Singles

We understand that online dating isn’t for everyone. Another way to meet educated singles is to check for events at nearby universities. This could be anything from alum meetings to networking events to scholarly seminars. Explore what’s happening on campus, even if you did not attend that particular university. You may find yourself in the right place at the right time.

How to Meet Educated Singles Today

Meet Hong Kong Singles has a network of educated singles from around the world. We have a diverse community of men and women actively looking for love. Sign up today to explore the endless possibilities that await you!

How to Find Single Women for Free

Does it feel like you’re spending a fortune on dating apps with no success? Are you tired of facing rejection in person? Dating in the modern world is tough. It’s even tougher in a shaky economy. Luckily, there are affordable ways to pursue long-lasting relationships. Read on to learn how to find single women for free.

Where to Find Single Women for Free (or Low Cost)

The best way to find single women for free is to reach out during your day-to-day activities. Politely say hello to a woman on your morning walk or in the grocery store. This isn’t the most efficient option because there is no guarantee those women are single, interested, compatible, etc. Nevertheless, it does make use of an experience you’re already participating in.

The more efficient ways to find single women usually aren’t free. You could pay a small fee for a dating site or sign up for singles events at a local church. You could swipe through options on an app, but that may not yield a long-term relationship. Online dating is probably the most effective path to love, marriage, and commitment if that’s what you’re looking for. The other options may work well for you if you just want a hookup or casual dating experience.  

Be Cautious with “Free” Dating Opportunities

If a dating site or app has absolutely no cost, that’s probably a red flag. These sites are prone to scammers and catfish.

Catfishing refers to people operating fake profiles online. They portray themselves as a certain person to get money, attention, sympathy, or photos from unsuspecting users. You could form an entire relationship with a woman online, only to find out that it’s a man talking to dozens of other men in the same manner.

There is less risk of catfish and scammers on a dating site with a signup fee or monthly fee. This is a barrier to entry they do not want to overcome. The fees do not need to be high to deter scammers effectively. Paying a small price for better quality connections will be worthwhile in the long run.  

How to Maximize Your Return on Investment from Online Dating

Are you hesitant about online dating? Do you think it’s a waste of money? That may be because you’ve had a negative experience in the past. You can boost your results and get more bang for your buck with the right dating strategies on your side.

Here are some tips to optimize your online dating experience:

  • Take time to perfect your dating profile. This should showcase your unique traits and include a clear picture of you. Learn more: What Not to Do When Setting up a Dating Profile
  • Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Reach out to people you’re interested in, even if you don’t think they’ll be interested in you.
  • Ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing. Avoid yes or no questions. Phrase prompts in a way that encourages additional communication. Here are 21 Conversation Starters to get you on the right track.
  • Do not get stuck looking for your “type.” What you think you like and what you actually like may be completely different. Expand your search and see where it takes you.
  • Use a dating site that aligns with your goals. Do you want to date for marriage? Do you want to date casually? Different sites have different audiences. Find the one that fits your needs.
  • Do not get discouraged. It takes time to find the one. You may have to speak with 20 people before you find your perfect partner, but that one will be worth it!

Check out The Ultimate Online Dating Guide: 50 Suggestions for Online Dating for more relationship advice from the experts at Meet Hong Kong Singles.

Creating the Ultimate Online Dating Profile

Are you struggling to make connections online? The culprit may be a lackluster dating profile. Learning how to ‘sell’ yourself is a skill that takes time to master. Our dating experts are here to offer a crash course.

Read on to learn how to create the ultimate online dating profile.

Identify Your Unique Selling Points

In the marketing world, a unique selling proposition is an element that sets a business apart from its competitors. A marketer’s job is to identify the business’s USP and highlight it substantially.

You can use this same principle for your online dating profile. What are your unique selling points? What makes you stand out from others? What are your hobbies, special interests, accomplishments, and goals? Your USPs provide the foundation for a memorable profile that others will think back on as they browse through potential matches.

Write a Concise Bio That Showcases Who You Are at a Glance

Online dating is all about first impressions. It only takes someone 7 seconds to form an opinion about you, whether meeting online or in person. Your bio and profile photo are the main features potential partners can see on a dating site. Make them count.

Craft a bio that accentuates your unique selling points as concisely as possible. You can use an app/site like Grammarly to check your writing before you publish. Eliminate wordy or repetitive phrases to make the key points prevalent. Having an engaging, easy-to-read profile will maximize your opportunity to connect.

Choose a Clear Profile Picture That Focuses on Your Face

A good profile photo is a bookend to a scannable bio. Ideally, the image should be of your face with minimal background. Smiling photos tend to yield higher engagement, but a sultry candid can also work well.

Do not make your photo private unless you absolutely must. This will drastically reduce your contacts. People like to know who they’re talking to, especially if they haven’t met you in person.

You can include artistic photos with fuller backgrounds but reserve those for other parts of the profile. Your profile pic should be eye-catching enough for someone to click on while scrolling. Beautiful foliage and artwork aren’t as powerful as genuine human connection.

Enhance Your Profile with Additional Photos: Full-Body and Special Interests

Most online dating sites provide places for supplemental photos. Show off your hobbies, talents, photography, and more in this area. Avoid group photos. Keep the focus on yourself. Curate a collection of images that exemplify who you are.

Think about What You Look for on Someone’s Profile

Which part of a person’s profile do you look at most? Does your profile fit what you look for in others? Putting yourself in someone else’s perspective can help you edit your dating profile. Maybe you need a better variety of photos, or perhaps your bio is bland. View your page through another lens and adjust accordingly.

Be Honest! Do Not Fib or Exaggerate

Any lies you tell on your dating profile will haunt you in the future. If someone connects with you because of a lie, they won’t want to continue dating you when they learn the truth. Do not say you own a business if you’re the manager or claim an accomplishment you haven’t completed.

Your real life has merit! It is interesting, captivating, and meaningful. Focus on the facts rather than writing what you think people want to read. This is the only way to achieve a successful long-term relationship.

Actively Engage with Other Dating Profiles

You may need to take matters into your own hands. Look at other profiles and read their bios thoroughly. If you see someone you like, send them a short message explaining what you liked about their profile and why you think you two should connect. This display of confidence will broaden your dating pool and optimize your responses.

Respond When Someone Engages with You

If someone takes the time to message you, message them back! You may not like them from a first impression, but you should see where the conversation goes. We can’t tell you how many couples we’ve met that say, “He’s not my type, but…” You never know where a brief encounter could lead you.

Above all else, be yourself. Your personality perfectly aligns with someone else’s. Take chances online while remaining authentically you. Your dating profile is one step in the exciting adventure that awaits.